Depression and Such


I haven’t done research on Lexapro specifically but other SSRIs (sertraline/zoloft) are safer in the first and second trimester and are recommended to be tapered off of in the last trimester due to possible pulmonary vein stenosis in the infant.

That being said, there’s a growing amount of research that suggests extra stress during pregnancy results in important epigenetic changes and alterations in offspring’s behavior compared to non-stressed mothers’ offspring. It is definitely important to find a medication that will help you.

It’s a horrible balance to try and maintain, but I think if you talk with your OB and psychiatrist they will do their best to get it sorted. I know in my area there is a specialist psychiatrist that specifically works with pregnant women to help them stay safely medicated during pregnancy and in the post-natal period if they want to breastfeed. I imagine if SSRIs are your best option that you could go for more ultrasounds as the third trimester progresses to check if pulmonary vein stenosis is a concern and taper off if there is evidence of narrowing.


Thanks, Lisa. The therapy practice my OB referred me to specializes in prenatal and postpartum treatment. They are part of the same medical group (and in the same building) as my OB, and they are coordinating my care in consultation with each other. I will bring up the concern you mentioned above at my appointment this week.


Since this Saturday I’ve been waking up in the morning and my eyes have been hurting with how tired I felt, that feeling hasn’t gone away. My eyes hurt right now with tiredness. You know that feeling, like exposing them to air is the problem and that simply closing them makes it feel better?

Yeah, closing them doesn’t help. I’m not sleeping well. I don’t sleep well on a good day, no formal diagnosis but I have a really hard time falling asleep, have since I was a kid. This usually means I fall asleep way later than everyone else but wake up at the same time.

So by my own standards, I’m not sleeping well. The current late is worse than the normal late.

I have no idea if this is depression or depression related. It could be literally anything where a symptom is fatigue.

I’ve not made any changes to my life otherwise, I’m still hosting my game nights, still attending and doing my work and socially interacting. I just worry that people are gonna notices I’m dead on my feet. like I’m gonna fall asleep at my desk or something. I’m not really sure what to do, tell a doctor? (My actual doctor with whom I have a relationship and history retired about 3 months ago and I’ve not gotten around to seeing who’s in my network and taking patients.)


Might it be a nutrition thing? I was noticing some similar fatigue issues and after visiting the doctor and doing some lab work, they told me my iron and protein levels were in the toilet. Working to get those back up to an acceptable level has gone a long way to making me feel more alert and more rested.


Have you seen an opthamologist? It may be a physical eye problem that is contributing to your other symptoms. Also, as an insomiac myself, I would recomment that you talk to your doctors about treating your sleep disorder, if you have not already. Lack of sleep exacerbates all other conditions.


Yeah this is basically the advice I expect. I should probably just spend the effort, do my research, and find a new doctor.

I’ve seen no eye docs, and I’ve never done anything other than mention I have trouble sleeping during yearly checkups. Mentioned in such a way as to suggest it doesn’t affect my life enough to warrant further examination, so it’s probably just a footnote in my sheet from every checkup since I was like 12.

Definitely worth a look, now that I remember it, last time I had blood work I was found to be deficient in fiber and some other fruit and veggie related nutrients. That was ~9 months ago though…

Ok this ends soon. tyty


Good luck. I hope you find answers and treatment soon. I don’t know what else you are taking or how this will work for you, but my MD recommended Unisom (an over the counter sleep aid) for when I needed to sleep but can’t take my perscription meds (the perscription makes me very groggy in the mornings, so I can’t take it when I need to be up and active early in the morning).


I’m glad that so many of you are willing to share here.

I know a lot of people who hide their mental issues, even from their close friends. I respect that decision, but often it comes from fear of stigmatization.

I also know a lot of people who have found great comfort, even if they don’t share, in seeing others speaking openly about them.


If mental health is all someone can find to stigmatize me for they’re not trying very hard.


I’ve always had a strong trend toward baseline moods, but I’ve noticed that my baseline is getting lower and lower lately, and that small events have been sparking… Let’s call them confidence issues. Now that I have some decent insurance, I’m gonna set up an appointment to look into anxiety or depression on my part.


The importance of this point cannot be overstated. Just knowing you’re not alone helps so much.


I have had a bad experience with Lexapro. I’ve also heard several experiences from friends with similar issues.
Basically, Lexapro triggered mania and anxiety for me. I had not had anxiety previously to taking it, and since have had panic attacks and been unable to consume coffee. While the anxiety has been subsiding for several years (since 2005ish), I have no idea why it would have had such a long term impact.

My best experience, miles away from any other, was on WellbutrinXL (SNRI). My worst was on a generic equivalent of WXL with a different sustained release mechanism (basically flooded my system, heart rate of over 150 for hours, thought I might die).


I know that feeling. Not a good feeling.


Panic attacks and blood pressure scores where they would want to hospitalize you are interesting times. Havn’t had that in a long time, but when that was going on it was something…


I also didn’t have health insurance. fun fun


Yeah I ended up in an ER a few times and eventually they referred me to a cardiologist (I didn’t realize that the trigger was psychological at this point). After an echo and 30 days with probes hooked up to my chest it turned out I was all good.


For my entire life I relied on the rush of procrastination to get me through tasks. In uni I would start assignments at 11:00 PM and then upload them a minute before the midnight deadline. It gave me some anxiety constantly thinking about everything that had to be done while I instead played videogames, but things were generally okay.

I graduated and got a cushy government job. But after settling in, I lost the drive to do the monotonous or tedious stuff, and once again relied on procrastination to give me that adrenaline rush. There wasn’t a curriculum I could look at that outlined what I had to do like there was in uni. I’d constantly worry “did I forget something?” and sometimes the answer was yes, but I could handle the anxiety. At least at home I could relax and enjoy my time off.

This year, I set out to improve myself. Still, I struggled to be productive. It was a humongous struggle to do the minimum expected of me. I focused on time management skills, discipline, lifehacks, anything to help. I ended up with a warning at work. I kept returning to videogames in my spare time, feeling guilty about my inability to enjoy other hobbies. I could never meet my own expectations. I stopped drinking tea, the caffeine could send my mind in a tizzy for hours.

I went to a psychiatrist and confirmed what I thought: ADHD. And just like that, my life struggles were solved by taking amphetamines. My boss joked that I was trying to beat the record for most work done in the team. For the first time ever, my life goals were no longer something I’d take with me to the grave.

Well, it’s not quite that rosy. The anxiety didn’t go away. A life time of coping for my forgetfulness by worrying about it has caught up to me. I have some bad habits to unlearn if I want to tackle this.


Sorry I just now saw this thread and am replying way late. Unfortunately Lexapro didn’t agree with me at all. I would sleep 12+ hours a day but constantly felt like I had pulled an all nighter, and had severe mood swings, and it worsened my depression a bit. The good news was I didn’t have as severe of withdrawal symptoms coming off of it (probably because I was already experiencing those same side effects while on it), and within a week or two of coming off of it, was more or less back to my pre-Lexapro self.

That being said, I know of at least one friend who took it for anxiety, and it did wonders for her. She said the first month or so was a bit rocky though.


It seems to be working well for me. I do get very tired, but I am 8 months pregnant, so it is hard to discern if it is the meds or just increasing pregnancy fatigue. My moods are more stable, and I am handling major life events, including the loss of a family member, within a more normal spectrum of emotion. My anxiety is down, my mood is generally more up, and I am able to accept things more easily rather than grappling with them for days on end.


I feel like I’ve incorporated a lie into the very premise of my existence and I don’t know how to purge it. I’m not a girl. No matter how hard I want to be a girl and no matter how hard I try to be a girl there’s nothing I can do that makes it feel true. I pray that hormones and surgeries will alleviate that but there’s also the distinct possibility that they’ll just make the lie more bold and drive me to suicide. At first people calling me “she” was exciting cause it was like “yes, you can be a woman” but now whenever I hear it I just wonder “am I?”

Every day I feel like I’m punished for my existence with my existence. To quote Stanhope “I didn’t ask to be born.”