Depression and Such


In retrospect, it doesn’t seem like the “manic”/“hypomanic” descriptor is applicable to my most recent actions and experiences; the main effects, particularly re. trouble sleeping, are better described as issues of anxiety rather than any kind of mania.

In particular, I haven’t really had a prolonged period of elevated mood; the greatest effect has probably been the relative difference in experience between an earlier prolonged period of depression and my current state.

Overall, the main difference is that I feel much more motivated now than two weeks ago, albeit with a much swingier mood.


Per my psychiatrist, anxiey may supplant mania in certain expressions of cyclothemic disorders. It is common for me to swing from depression into anxiety and back. I rarely have anything approaching mania anymore.


The issues at work are kicking up my anxiety, interrupting my sleep nightly, and making it hard to get through the day with even minimal productivity. I don’t know if my pregnancy hormones are exacerbating the problem, but the inability to take meds to help regulate it puts me in a tough spot. I am struggling.

Normally, I would just look for another job, but I need maternity leave, which likely won’t be available to a new hire - even in the unlikely event that an employer would take on a 7+ months pregnant woman. I am stuck, and I have limited options for treatment in the meantime.


The good news: I never have to go back to that job again.
The bad news: I now need to file a wrongful termination claim because I was wrongfully terminated.


damn. good luck.


Bleed them dry!


That’s fucked. I hope you wreck them.


I just learned that for my claim, I would be going before a special adjudicator. The adjudicator for this region is the father of the employee for whom I went to bat in the hostile work environment issue that I was trying to get the Supervising Attorney to address. He may need to recuse himself, but it is not like a normal court so that may not be necessary.


I am in a bad way. A really bad way.



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Two days until I start my new job, and instead of being happy I’ve been so anxious I haven’t been able to do…well, anything. Every time I go to eat my stomach just tightens up, trying to distract myself only makes it worse, and I’ve already read over my work materials so many times I might as well know them by memory. I’ve been a panicky, stuttering mess all day. The worst thing is that a major part of my anxiety has to do with the anxiety itself and how it will affect my performance rather than over any skills related job itself.

I just want to lie down and let it be Wednesday.


How are you feeling now that you have started the job?


Dumb at my earlier panic but relieved, actually being in the office as an employee and doing the work managed to kill a lot of my anxiety. However, impostor syndrome will probably always haunt me --especially with the review and self-assessment heavy culture of the company. It’s also helped that I like the company itself a lot thus far, they are very equality focused, and go to lengths to be always be aware on how to proactively tackle social justice issues, both within the company and within the schools where we do our work.


I’m coming to terms with the fact that my anxiety issues didn’t go away when I finished college. I don’t really have attacks anymore, but I on occasion I get in a bad way and I still ave to be really careful with caffeine (or really things that feel caffeinated, like decaf coffee).


Does anyone have any expeience with Lexapro? My doctor is recommending that I go on it and the risk to the baby at this late stage of pregnancy are quite low. I have only ever been on a mood stabilizer (Lamictal) before, not an SSRI. Lamictal is not considered safe during pregnancy, and only a few SSRIs are deemed safe during pregnancy. I am curious to know if others have taken Lexapro, its efficacy, and any side effects they experienced.


SSRIs are a lot cleaner than Lamictal. I didn’t experience any trouble with Prozac and my dad did well with Lexapro. There’s a minor chance of a nasty depression hitting when going on it (like happened to my mom) but it usually hits early so you’ll know if it was a mistake or not quickly.

Incidentally I may be going of Lamictal soon. It is reduced by ingested estrogen so we’re gonna see if the reduced level hurts me in any significant way when I start hormone therapy. It’s always been questionable whether it did anything significant for me. My psychiatrist actually didn’t know this, my friend Wynne found it, but after some additional research he thought it looked legit. My psych was super impressed by Wynne’s research.


They are cleaner? How so?

Thanks for the tip about a possible worsening depression in the early days. Does this go away with comtinued use or is it an indication that the meficine will be ineffective?

Lamictal worked well for me. It was the first time since my early teens when I felt that I had any real control on my emotional state/reactions. I hope you find what will work best for you during your transition! :slight_smile:


They act on fewer receptors. You’ll have fewer problems with interactions.

Extreme increase in depression at first is a sign that the medication will be ineffective. Your case may be more complicated as it’s a crosstaper. The effects of the Lamictal may retreat faster than the Lexapro kicks in (SSRIs are notoriously slow). You may feel slightly worse at the beginning of the crosstaper because of this. But if things get extreme and you feel close to hospitalization, it’s more likely to be a reaction to the Lexapro than the dip I was talking about.

Lastly, I am not a doctor and you should ask your psychiatrist for more details about what a bad reaction to Lexapro looks like.


In the depression thread of the old forum, WUB sang praises of Lexapro.


I haven’t been on Lamictal for a few years. My condition was controlled with behavior modification techniques, but it started worsening a year and a half ago and has gotten much worse in the past few weeks.

My therapist is in a rush to get me on the med to avoid a crisis, but I have a follow-up next week and will ask her about negative reactions. Thanks for the info!