Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The Crypto space is full of hypothetical concepts that suggest some sort of utility. However, none of that has materialized in more than ten years that cryptocurrencies have been around. And the suggestions that have been made do not stand up to scrutiny in the slightest, unless you are already bought in and have an interest in somebody else taking the hot potato off your hands. As observed by others previously, they are financial snake oil.

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A debit card. A hand written IOU.

I always assumed the bored ape images looked like they were based on previous racist cartoons, and of course the BAYC logo matches the SS logo to a comical degree.

It seems the knockoff versions also can’t help but keep up the racist dogwhistles! The team behind the Jacked Apes made how many variations? Yup: 8,888 images in total.

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Honestly the best thing about that article is actually just the website the interviewee created. First time in a long time I’ve seen a novel new website.

The best thing about that web site is we can all stop posting and re-sharing every crypto is bad story, and just link that site instead.

This is the site:

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Whoops my bad please ignore

The “If NFTs Were Honest” video I posted earlier (see quoted post) has been scalped by cryptobros.

This is a terrific interview. Interviewer did a fantastic job. Interviewee, predictably, did not.

Not kidding about fantastic interviewer.

THE BEAT: Could you give a little bit more details on that? Right now, blockchain is remarkably slow – it can take up to four hours to complete a single transaction on the Etherium network (which powers NFTs). Meanwhile, we have open-source systems like OAuth authentication, which is used between countless services. We have systems like Swagger that make it easy to build on APIs that transfer data between systems. Given that, if the goal is interoperability and data transfer, why not use something that already exists and is extensively used? Or, to put it another way, what is the killer feature of blockchain that could not be achieved through existing technology?

LEOW: I’ll admit that I’m not the technical expert on this. And there’s a lot to explore here. But we think that, based on some of the more technical investigations into this that the data can be structured and moved more efficiently on blockchain.


The point is “fuck you I can win with garbage art”


Indeed. People trying to laundry money don’t care what art they use to do it.

And so we go from content without DRM to DRM without content.


Good. Keep poisoning that well.

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I mean, it probably wasn’t just that one video, but it also wasn’t NOT that video…