Cowboy Bebop live action series on Netflix

Yay, I’ll finally be able to get Chris to watch it.

This cast seem pretty promising. I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m just glad they’re not going with Keanu Reeves. That would’ve been a terrible miscast.

I’m actually the opposite. A younger Keanu Reeves from about 10-15 years ago would have been an amazing Spike. I think John Cho is terribly miscast, but I like the rest of their choices.


It’s gonna suck like every other live action anime adaptation. Something like Cowboy Bebop especially relies on it’s medium as part and parcel of presentation that cannot translate to live action.

Eh, it’s propably going to suck, but I’m not going to judge it before it’s out. Or even started filming, let’s be honest. I’ll give it the same chance I’d give anything else. After all, they said the same thing about Oldboy, and that turned out okay.

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Season 1 has wrapped filming.


The rerecording of Tank just assures me that, if anything, this show will be worth it for that soundtrack release alone.

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Hopefully they won’t mess it up like with Evangelion. Hard to mess up, though.

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Does Cowboy Bebop: The Movie counts as a halloween movie, or is it just “a movie set on Halloween”?

Mostly the latter.

Cowboy Bebop’s dub never changed, and FUNimation still has the rights to it. It would be impossible for Netflix to fuck it up.

They could use close captioning of the dub as the basis for their subs instead of the actual subs.

New trailer, and this time something that doesn’t just mimic the original series.

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