Convince me to read a manga/comic with only one page

Continuation of the thread from the old forum.

The Promised Neverland

Kotonoba Drive (from the same person who did Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou)

Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High’s Competitive Dance Club!

After School Dice Club (aka, Cute Girls Playing Boardgames)

The Golden Egg

Musou Telepathy

Can confirm, it’s pretty good. Jbants told me about it about 45 minutes ago, I’ve already read the entire thing, it does some pretty cool things.

Is that really how the page looks? It looks like a satirical edit.

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It does, but you’re missing the context - The girl with the glasses can hear/see other people’s thoughts. Black and white is real world, colour is what she sees of other people’s minds.

Welcome to the ballroom.

(Fun facts- they really are a popular ballroom tournament food. Tasty, nutritious, and very little chance of getting any debris on your costume.)

New Douman Seiman. Mandatory reading if you’re got taste with a damn.

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Douman Seiman is one of the best at the weird and surreal. His work would be perfect for a short anime series.

Been a while since I’ve posted in this thread.

Angsty Teen Zootopia (aka, Beasters)

Black Torch

Somali and the Forest Spirit

Kumika no Mikaku

Area 51

I’m a spider, so what?

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It’s a dark comedy.

I realized that I’d already shared at least one thing in the previous post before (the thread’s op to be specific), so have something completely different! (That is to say, really, really dumb.)

How Many Kilos are the Dumbells You Lift? (aka, Do You Even Lift, the Manga)

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More from I’m a spider, so what?


More Beastars.

You all should definitely check this one out. It’s really good.

And a cover page because it’s awesome.

Grand Blue, which is about friends being horrible to each other (and technically scuba diving).

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It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku

I got recommended this one in a queer discord server and I think the first page is this autobiographical comic is perfect for this thread The Private Report on My lesbian Experiences with Loneliness


I’ve had that sitting in my list for a while now, but I feel like I need to be in a certain mood to read it.

It is a bit hard to recommend for someone not in the right place - some of the low bits hit very deep while talking about her depression, inferiority complex and over/under eating cycle but there is nothing about suicide or talking about coming out to family/friends which might help.

The chapters about the awkwardness of discovering her sexuality and her first time hit me very close to home for me (I only realised I wasn’t straight cis guy at 23.) but just the actual experiences like looking back on 23 year old me is more funny than anything.

I would recommend Hanayome wa Motodanshi instead if you want a queer autobiographical comic which is all happy.

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I recognized it immediately, and it’s from the not-very-stealth sequel to Negima, UQ Holder!. But for once, I didn’t take this snip - It was sent to me via IM from a friend, who simply said “Saw this panel, and thought of you.”

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UQ Holder is entertaining as hell. Absolutely not coherent, but a fun read regardless.

Beelzebub (I think.)

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Rokudou no Onna-tachi