ConnectiCon 2017

Just curious according to the website submissions are open. Before putting down my information there are the submissions open?

ConnectiCon 2017 is July 7-9. Panel submissions are OPEN.

If you register for a badge OR if you received your voucher for previous year’s staffing/paneling, the email includes the hotel links. They no longer have the hotel blocks public, ostensibly to prevent people from booking hotels who aren’t actually attending the convention. <_<.

If you’re staffing, I’ll be emailing you all to get the ball rolling this weekend. If you paneled and don’t get your comped badge voucher by the end of the weekend, contact the con on the web site.

I don’t think I’m going this year. After 16 years I think my con going days are over.

I emailed the staff list with info on how to re-up!

Fellow New Yorkers: is there an easy bus/train route directly to ConnectiCon?

Or a GeekNights car pool? :slight_smile:

No, there is not.

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[quote=“MrLuckyWaffles, post:5, topic:422”]
Or a GeekNights car pool?
[/quote]One day, when I have the cash and the cars, I’m thinking about a BrisPAX crew road trip down to PAX. We’ve done it once with Enforcers, but it was a shambles, and I’d like to try again.

Amtrak goes directly from Penn Station to Hartford right by the convention.

Where in NY are you located?

East Village, Manhattan

C’mon man, you’re too young to get out of the game. Come do some cons out here. Erika (OpenSketchbook) is gonna be coming next year to Anime Los Angeles (my “home” convention, not Anime Expo), why not join us?

As much fun as a weekend in LA with you two sounds, what would I do? I don’t have anything in common with con culture anymore. The last few Anime Bostons actually depressed me because I could tell I didn’t belong there anymore. I gave up last year when someone asked me what I was currently watching, and I realized I hadn’t watched any anime since the previous year’s con. Even at ConnectiCon, the everything but the kitchen sink con, I had trouble finding anything I wanted to do besides my own panels.

Play board games.

[quote=“Deadname, post:12, topic:422”]
The last few Anime Bostons actually depressed me because I could tell I didn’t belong there anymore[/quote]Like we belong there at all? :wink: We show up as the talent, do a bunch of shows, see a panel or two, and otherwise just hang out with our friends or eat good food in Boston.

If we do anything at the con itself, it’s usually just to see a couple of the more informational panels in that weird hotel panel area upstairs. We probably spend the majority of our time at AB outside of the actual convention center.

Granted, we’re bailing, possibly permanently, but that’s solely because of the security.

Never underestimate the power of friends. The biggest reason I do these events (besides speaking) is hanging out with people I know. The event is just an excuse for all of us to meet somewhere. Even if the event is bad, as long as you and your crew have a good time, nothing else matters. Treasure the times you can send with one another in person because that will always be the biggest takeaway.

And other things I don’t do anymore.

But I don’t have a good time. I find myself miserable and unable to assimilate into the culture, even with the people I already know.

Maybe it’s because you stopped doing these nerdy things, and perhaps you should do some of them again? Doctor Scott prescribes Zelda.

Maybe there’s a reason I stopped doing these nerdy things.

After not doing any of my stuff last year and the con feeling a little flat, finally got off of my butt and submitted everything. More than likely not all of them are going to make it but hopefully I’ll get to show some new stuff this year.

You’re on Ganon’s team? Just gonna let him destroy Hyrule, eh? I won’t let you get away with it. Just give me like 30 more hours.