ConnectiCon 2017

I am not mention the culture of the con, I mean you and your pals walk around and either laugh at other people on the floor or do a room party watching a movie or something with the sole purpose of staying together and having a good time.

I feel really, really weird if I’m ever at a con and not doing something as talent or staff.

I am actually significantly less likely to have this experience at a con, because all my friends are immersing themselves in the con. For instance, I bring my friend Mo down every year and he disappears into gaming. I can’t fault him, cause once upon a time that’s what I went to CTCon to do, but it alienates me and leaves me wishing we’d stayed in Boston and spent a weekend together here.

Ok it’s again official the growtix website is eating up my submissions. I applied the panels that I did last year plus the ones I did at Zenkaikon/MAGFest/PAX and I can say there is absolutely no record of them being entered in. Even doing a deep dive of the email I have no proof of them being added.

So @SkeleRym @Apreche if you want me to email you at this point let me know and I will give it to you via itemized list.

I see other submissions, so I guess I’ll have to log in and poke around.

I did a quick check and I see “The Incomplete History of Nerd Music” in there just fine. :wink:

Thank goodness I submitted almost 10 to you and didn’t see those just wanted to.maoe sure you got them.

I don’t think the site shows you your own submissions. I’m pretty sure that page is from the old side, and they’re just disorganized on the web admin.

In other news, submit your panels or you will not get good slots. I’m literally filling in the schedule right now.

Dumb question, the website is showing that the event is for four days, does that mean Thursday is a legit convention day or is it like the time two years ago where preregistration was on Thursday and that was a poorly advertised panel day?

Thursday will just have badge pickup and some events that we are not officially involved in. No panels.


Post here when you do. :wink:

I already did 15 characters

Yeah I got my 4 in, this is gonna be a good year.

Hartford Marriott Downtown is booked up. Anyone have a recommendation for a nearby hotel?

I’m considering driving to ConnectiCon for just Saturday or possibly Saturday & Sunday.

Edit: Wow, there is a list of hotels, but their terrible website makes it hard to discover. I’m still interested in a hotel recommendation.

The one next to city steam is legit, mainly due to it’s proximity to city steam.


Everything’s simpler if I just do Saturday. See you there!

15 characters worth of RAD!

Woah! I got a bigger room than the Team 4 Star dudes Friday night!? I better bring the heat this year.

You have a great set, so I moved it to a great spot to see what kind of crowd you can draw :wink:

It appears we need to buy a badge to staff next year, before I give my money away can I confirm that this applies to the panels department?