Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


That isn’t quite all of them, the first episode is on Halloween 2005:


Ah, it’s hosted elsewhere so I missed it. My regex was an exact URL except for the eight-digit file number.


Dropbox and G drive are both $10/month for 1TB. Any reason to go with one over the other? Or use something else entirely?



I don’t need 2 TB and I don’t want to pay double?


All my workflows are Google or Adobe, so I use the Google Drive and Adobe Cloud storage solutions.

Not for backup: just for redundancy and access. Backup is Amazon Glacier.


All my workflows are Microsoft or Adobe, so I use Microsoft OneDrive.

Not for backup, just for redundancy and access. Backup is Backblaze.


Google Drive benefits:

  1. Accessible on all my devices
  2. Easy to share/collaborate (e.g., with Scott)
  3. Auto-sync with my local filesystem on all my PCs
  4. Cheap
  5. Uses my primary global account (gmail): no need for additional credentials

I’ve never used dropbox.


Posting this here rather than the computer building thread because I’m just aiming to buy a new machine, not build one.

Anyway: so I’ve been in need of a new desktop computer for some time now. My current machine is a late 2009 model iMac, and since I do a lot of video and image editing, so far it’s been good for that. The old girl is finally starting to show her age though — processing speeds and video card performance are almost to the point of being unacceptable. To give you an idea: this machine chugs just to play relatively simple modern games like Night in the Woods and Getting Over It (there’s noticeable lag even in small windows with low graphical settings). Render and export times for video have always been torturously long as well.

I’d been planning to simply upgrade to the newest model iMac since, well, all my stuff is Apple. I have an iPhone, all my music is in iTunes, my main editing software is Final Cut, my video workflow requires QuickTime, etc. I’ve been using Macs since they were in black and white — they’re just what I’m used to. But as you can imagine, it can be hard to just up and buy a new Mac, especially if you’re like me and you don’t make enough money to save up for big purchases that quickly. So last month I set up a crowdfunding campaign to help boost my computer savings, and thanks to some generous fans and family donations, I have about $800 CAD I can put towards a new machine. If I concentrate most of my Patreon income for the next couple months towards this, I can probably push that up to around $1,000 CAD. That’s a little less than half of what I’d need to get the iMac I want, and that’s before the cost of getting a new copy of Final Cut (which I also need).

So. The iMac is attainable, but it’ll still take quite a while to save the rest of what I need for it. In that time, working on the current machine is… trying, to say the least. :confused: So I started thinking that I might be willing to make the switch to PC at this point, since the amount of money I’d save may balance out the hassle of switching everything over, learning new software, establishing new workflows, etc.

My question then is: if I were to switch, what would people recommend I get considering my experience level (tech savvy but not deeply so), length of time spent with Macs, heavy media creation needs, mild gaming needs, and budget of ~$1,000.00 CAD (can push a few hundred dollars higher if I save a few extra months)?


Is there a microcenter close to you? If so go there and check out their non brand models, they are made to last like a work horse.


No, looks like that’s a US-only company. I’m based in Canada.


Its kind of a fraught time to be upgrading. The higher end market is in turmoil because of RAM shortages and crypto currency dipshits. Normally I’d recommend switching to PC full stop because Macs are a scam, but depending on how much horsepower you need/want buying a discrete graphics card will set you back as much as an equivalent Mac which is your preferred platform.


Ouch, has it really gotten that bad price-wise? :persevere: In that case I may be better off just waiting on the iMac, yeah. If anyone else has any suggestions, let me know.


Considering a friend’s girlfriend bought a 1080ti for $1500 and MSRP is $800 yeah it’s that bad.


Prebuilt machines are sometimes still reasonable, but yeah, RAM and video cards are both overpriced right now. SSD prices have been pretty flat when they historically were always dropping. A similarly spec’d PC should still be cheaper than an iMac, but maybe not if you account for buying an equivalent display.


It’s literally the worst time to buy a PC if you aren’t mega rich. The Macs are actually kind of a good deal with GPUs costing what they do.

I would try to find a used previous generation iMac or MacBook Pro. They are probably better than what you’ve got. Otherwise, just keep saving money and hold out as long as you can.


Got my new gaming laptop today.

Within 4 Hours I got the Black Screen of Death. Within a minute of restarting and starting up, the screen will just go black. I can hear the programs working and the fans humming, but no way to access everything. Even the one time I got to safe mode caused this to happen. Originally happened when I tried to play Heroes of the Storm and whole thing just went crap.

I’m thinking this is why people were so against these Windows 10 Updates. Cause I let my laptop just get the update and it couldn’t even load a Blizzard game without this critical failure that I can’t seem to crack.


Pretty sure it’s not Windows 10 fault. It’s $999 ASUS gaming laptop fault.


So return it back for refund? No idea what to do.


Can you? Definitely call support or something.