Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


No, the other speeds wouldn’t be overclocking the RAM itself. You can buy DDR4 4133 RAM.

See, that RAM is designed to run at 4133. What you are overclocking is the bus on the motherboard that the CPU uses to communicate with the RAM in order to bring it up to the 4133 speed from the 2133.

The point is, there is no reason to do this. Just get the 2133 RAM.


Debian. They’re serious about free software.

Most DVDs are encrypted, so if you want to watch or rip a DVD you need libdvdcss. Shipping the library is a possible DMCA violation, so most Linux distributions won’t include it by default. It’s not too hard to find in unofficial, third-party repositories if you want to trust one and install it manually.

So there’s no official way to download the library. But building from source? Not a problem! Why not install a package to do that for you? Enter libdvd-pkg:

This package provides libraries that are needed for playing video DVDs with a media player (such as VLC, SMplayer, Totem, etc.). It automates the process of downloading source files, compiling them, and installing the binary packages.


IIRC.there ars similar shenanigans for NVidia drivers.

I don’t know if it’s still there, but back in the day when you installed Debian there was a check box. If you were a free software purist, you left it checked, and unchecked it if not. It would then add repos to apt accordingly.


With the current text-based installer, it doesn’t show that option. It does sound familiar though, so maybe they used to offer it.


Thread- Windows 10 privacy


So, RE: Wooden case and EMI shielding, this popped up in an amazon ad for me today and it might be cool to line the inside of a case with it if you’re really worried about it.


So my HTPC was crashing, but only when we played Divinity: Original Sin. I thought maybe the GPU didn’t have enough cooling in that tiny case. I was right and wrong. It does have enough cooling. However. the game has a setting where it will render as many frames as possible. THIS caused it to go crazy and overheat and crash. Putting in a frame cap of 60fps made it rock solid stable.

I come home today and turn it on. Not even playing a game. It freezes just like it did when the GPU overheated. Previously it had been rock solid stable with not even one crash, except for the times playing that game with the wrong settings. I turn it off and on again. It starts up nicely, but there is no signal to the displays. Uh oh. Is my expensive 1070 completely busted?

Restart, no go. Wait a few hours and try again, no go. Take the computer out and put it on the coffee table. Take off the lid to keep an eye on the fans. Turn it on. Works perfectly.


Put the lid back on and put it back under the TV. Still works perfectly.


Blowing on the Cartridge: 2017 Edition


The ghost of an ethereum miner possessed your GPU to mine crypto currency FrOM BeYOnD ThE GRaaAAAve!


Did you unplug the machine to do this?


I did. But I also tried unpluging it and plugging it back in prior to resorting to removing the lid.

Come to think of it, there is one difference. Because of the case design, there is no access to the power switch on the PSU while the case is closed. Even though I completely unplugged the PC, I also flicked that switch after opening the case.


Will the 1070 refuse to go if the fans aren’t spinning? Maybe a sketchy connection in the fan wiring.

Maybe a fan was physically jammed up, and you moving it shook it loose. How bad was the dust inside your case?


No dust. All fans spinning like weeeeeeee


Anyone used Django Channels? Is it better than Celery for asynchronous jobs?


I haven’t used it, but I’m thinking about it. I don’t think it is something you want to use for asynchronous jobs like celery. I think you use it for asynchronous apps, like web sockets. Like, if you wanted to make a Jackbox Party Pack kind of thing.


Hm. Yeah, I just have a long-running task I want to move off the main thread. Still Celery then?


If it’s long running, definitely a celery situation.

By default a view must end by sending an HTTP response to the user. This means that everything you do, the user has to wait for. But sometimes you already have everything you need to send the response, why make the user wait just because you have other things to be doing? This is the problem that celery solves.

For example, contact form that sends an email. Without celery, the user is waiting for your web server to do some SMTP biz and actually send the email. You don’t want that. You want to just send them the success page and send the email later.

return response

Django channels I don’t think is for this sort of scenario. It’s for when the user interaction is actually asyncrhonous. You want to make a web chat using websockets. The user has an asyncrhonous connection that could be sending or receiving messages at any time. That sort of thing. Celery is not capable of doing this because the celery workers are completely disconnected from the web server.


What’s the best way to download every single geeknights episode? If I had a list of episode dates I could just put together the URLs from that but I don’t think that exists. Pulling every page from each day’s archive and parsing them for links seems do-able but meh. Thoughts?

Side note: you guys don’t pay for hosting by the gig or anything, do you?


I wrote a script to do that at one point. I’ll send it to you


Thanks! In the end I used requests to pull the pages, then just regexed each one for mp3 links. Ugly, but easy to do once off in console.

Here they are for posterity