Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Can you get the machine into Safe Mode? If you get the computer into BIOS does it go black after a minute?


Nope. The one time I got it to Safe Mode it just went black again. Then the laptops starts making noise like crazy.


It’s broken. Get support/RMA/warranty.




Brief aside but I remember, shortly after windows 8 came out I was helping a friend out with, some issue I forget what. I discovered that they’d changed how you access safe mode. It was no longer possible to get there DURING startup. You had to have a fully booted windows and change it somewhere in settings to boot into safe mode on next start up.

At the time I thought this was the dumbest change I’d ever seen.

Maybe it’s changed since or maybe I just didn’t know but I remember googling for quite a while and determining that this was how it’s done and being just flabbergasted.


It’s still like that, it will automatically boot to the safe mode menu if it doesn’t boot fully 3 times in a row. The stupid part is a lot of driver / login issues occur after the boot sequence, so that doesn’t count. I think there is a UEFI method of going straight to that menu, but few manufacturers implemented a way to invoke it.

The laptop to me sounds like a GPU problem and / or an issue with some new fangled eDP feature or something. Virtually all diagnosing past plugging in an external monitor or shining a flashlight on the display would involve disassembly.


A Co-workers son has a GTX 970-OC-4GD5 that he never used (because he got another card) and never returned. I have a MSI N770-2GD5/OC G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 770 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5. He wants somewhere around 200 dollars, sound like a good deal? seems like a decent upgrade.


Not really. A 970 is only ever so slightly faster than a 770. I know it seems like a bigger upgrade, but that’s because they never make an 800 series. There are no such thing as 870 or 880.

If your current card was older or weaker, it would probably definitely be worth it.

The major problem is that the 10XX series is just such a huge jump over the 9XX series, but

Still says no.


it does put my computer over the line for VR if I want it though.

Also looks like used 770’s sell for like 200 bucks lol. also not bad


That’s just because GPU prices are out of control right now.


I am well aware of the price issues :-p I only asked for an opinion since it was a borderline.


I think if it’s someone you know they should charge the real price and not the inflated market price.


Well, it’s not THAT bad of a price. A brief look around, it seems they’re going for about 3-400 bucks used. Like, normal used, not thrashed by miners kind of used. Obviously they’ll be out there for cheaper in some places, though.


yea thinking about it, I might bite for 100 bucks but probably wait till I do a system refresh in a year


I’d say, see if you can knock him down to 150-ish(after all, mates rates goes both ways), and if no deal, then no deal.


It’s a co-workers son :-p (and the co-worker voted for Trump (she voted randomly lol, so while her son seems cool and is probably a poor college student… I would consider the Trump tax. :-p)


Nobody votes “randomly”. They say they voted randomly to absolve themselves of their sins.


I mean I’ve never seen anyone vote randomly but I don’t doubt that it happens. Especially in compulsory voting places. “Well I have to be here so out comes a my coinflip vote out of spite and resentment towards the government for making me come out here” is definitely a plausible scenario.


I’ve randomly voted in the past for down ballot races, usually I just tossed a vote randomly between the Green and Libertarian. I tended to do that prior to becoming active in politics.(and also in a less crazy time)


Scott you can get 10XX cards from the manufacturers directly for MSRP. They only release limited quantities daily, one per person. But it’s the best way to upgrade without paying buttcoin prices.

For example