Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Somehow the mouse got even worse. Today it was basically only scrolling down, no matter which direction I spun the mouse. I had to switch to my backup crappy wired mouse that’s all sticky.


Have you tried banging it on your desk and cussin’?


I have heard this referred to as “percussive maintenance.”


I do trade stuff for a living, where twisting, banging, or yanking while muttering swears is usually a good place to start. I assume computers are exactly the same way.


New work laptop. They had an HP Zbook Studio that was almost brand new that someone turned back in (probably to trade for a Mac). Quad core Intel Xeon, 32GB of RAM, M.2 SSD drive, and an nVidia GPU. Super excited about the M.2 drive, all the security applications my company mandates usually means that disk IO is the biggest performance limitation. Not the smallest or lightest laptop possible, but still way lighter than the Lenovo W530 I’m replacing.


They make laptops with Xeons???


I know right? So fucking overkill, but it says Intel Xeon E3-1505M.


Zbooks a workstation-level PC for engineers that need to do high end modeling, yet still need to take their computer to board room meetings.

I also know the earlier versions of those computers are dodgy as hell.


I’m only giving up my Lenovo W530 under duress.


The replacement mouse scrolls correctly (so far). Going to bring it to work. Razer Deathadder Elite at home is fine. The wire doesn’t bother me as much as wires on past mice, and is good for gaming anyways. Dead battery mid-game is bad news.


For a while I have suffered with the rich person problem of having a house so big that I don’t have good wifi coverage from one end to the other. No longer though! I just got a Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite. This is like a enterprise wifi software combined with a prosumer style hardware. Very slick stuff and it’s nice that I can easily manage multiple APs from one interface. Oh, and since it’s enterprise software it actually gets updates, unlike my crappy D-Link that never really got patched for the wifi vuls. Super happy with this purchase and the used Netgear PoE switch I’m powering it with. I’ll probably pick up another UniFi to replace my D-Link.


Bitcoin and ethereum went way down. Canibuyagpuyet now says maybe instead of no.


It said maybe a couple weeks ago I believe.


I’m obviously not checking that often.


Prices seem to have returned to a nominally decent point now. I can get a variety of cards at best buy, for what I would have paid back when they came out.

So, there’s not any great deals, that I’ve seen, but there are cards at legitimate prices so, wouldn’t hold off at this point if you need a card.

But if you can, well, may want to hold off for the next gen to drop.


I finally picked up a 1080, and due to an error evga upgraded me a bit on it. I “might” use their step up if the next generation comes out in time.


Supposedly the 2080 will be out later this year. September or alter. Also, it’s going to have more ludicrous cooling than anything seen before. Custom liquid cooling systems. Heat sinks and fans on both sides of the card. Ridiculous shit like that.


Anyone have any experience with Linux software raid? Looking to do 4 drive RAID-5. Just wondering if anyone knows any reasons that that would go horribly wrong.


I’ve done this with mdadm. I eventually dropped raid5 for two raid1 setups, also using mdadm. mdadm is solid.

I never actually had a drive fail for raid5, but the catastrophe you’d worry is about, of course, is having a drive fail and then have another drive fail during the rebuild. Have backups!

If you see weird disk errors in dmesg, it’s time to replace the disk.

I’m happy to answer questions.


Almost a ditto for @okeefe. I was using mdadm. I wasn’t doing a raid5 but a raid10, so in a sense 3 raids.

I didn’t have anything go horribly wrong so much as I had some stuff go horribly frustrating. I remember doing the initial config of the raid 0 only to have to restart to try and do the 1 and then have my 0s disappear. I don’t remember how I fixed it but I was able to get it in the end. I documented the whole process somewhere, iffn ya want I could go dig it up.