Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Somehow the mouse got even worse. Today it was basically only scrolling down, no matter which direction I spun the mouse. I had to switch to my backup crappy wired mouse that’s all sticky.


Have you tried banging it on your desk and cussin’?


I have heard this referred to as “percussive maintenance.”


I do trade stuff for a living, where twisting, banging, or yanking while muttering swears is usually a good place to start. I assume computers are exactly the same way.


New work laptop. They had an HP Zbook Studio that was almost brand new that someone turned back in (probably to trade for a Mac). Quad core Intel Xeon, 32GB of RAM, M.2 SSD drive, and an nVidia GPU. Super excited about the M.2 drive, all the security applications my company mandates usually means that disk IO is the biggest performance limitation. Not the smallest or lightest laptop possible, but still way lighter than the Lenovo W530 I’m replacing.


They make laptops with Xeons???


I know right? So fucking overkill, but it says Intel Xeon E3-1505M.


Zbooks a workstation-level PC for engineers that need to do high end modeling, yet still need to take their computer to board room meetings.

I also know the earlier versions of those computers are dodgy as hell.


I’m only giving up my Lenovo W530 under duress.