Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Anyone on here know anything about tape drives? I need to buy a SAS controller to run an LTO8.


I know this about tape drives.

Rescue all the data from tapes ASAP. Upload it to a RAID or the cloud or some shit. Once the data is safe, erase all the tapes. Then give them to the next poor soul who still has data on tapes. Repeat until there are no more tapes in use anywhere.


I mean yeah, that would be cool but I need a working tape drive either way so that I can get things off of tapes. As an added bonus right now I have 66TB of data that needs to be archived for 3-7 years and will probably never be accessed again but needs to exist for legal reasons.


Get the old tape drives you need from the previous sad sack selling them on eBay.


So the latch broke on my 5 year old work laptop today. If I close it, it will lock shut. Debating if I want one of the new HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptops, or if I want to whine and see if I can get a Macbook Pro 13. Or maybe just snap the tab off the screen so it can’t lock shut. The HP will force corporate Windows 10 on me, which is not great at my company. The Mac will work great, but most of what I touch is Windows so it will just make things annoying. Keeping my current laptop is easiest, and I get to keep Windows 7 for now.

New laptop will also be half the weight of my current 5 year old developer spec machine.



What is your specific issue with Windows 10? I’ve found it to be a much better, and secure, experience.


If this were my personal PC, I’d agree. Our corporate Win 10 is not good though, lots of people just have weird issues with things not working correctly or bizarre crashes.


Ah so good old group policy ruining everything? That’s always fun.


More like a suite of security management software ruining everything, but yeah.


In my experience all those do is ruin things.


OK, had to pry open my laptop this morning. Need to figure out something.


So when I got this new desktop I got the Logitech G603 mouse. This mouse is perfect. I love the shape and size. I love the buttons. I love the feel. I love that it’s wireless, but you can’t notice any lag whatsoever. Best mouse.

Except for one thing.

There are countless threads all over the net about the scroll wheel issues. I have experienced these as well, and they are getting worse. Basically, when I scroll up and down, sometimes the mouse will just scroll in the opposite fucking direction. This is really bad now that I’m playing PUBG and using the wheel to change weapons. You click once thinking you are switching to a gun, and out comes a grenade. Ooopsie!

I have tried just about every solution. Upgrade mouse firmware. Disconnect and reconnect. Use USB2 instead of USB3. Nothing works.

Some people have said they have opened the mouse and replaced the physical sensor that controls the mouse wheel. I am not going to do that.

I contacted Logitech support, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Even so, some people have gotten replacement mice and still have the problem.

I don’t think I can return it and get my money back at this point, can I? It feels kinda shitty to go buy a different mouse. The main thing is that if it actually worked properly, I like this mouse more than every other mouse I’ve seen. Going to spend more money on a mouse I like less?


I have the G602 and do not have this problem.


It’s a known problem with only the G603 and G703. There are a zillion threads all over the web about it. I just wish I had seen those threads before I bought it.


I wonder if it has to do with the wireless signal. I have a wired g502 and it does not have this issue. Also the wired g502 is fucking nice, highly recommend it if you decide to just get a different mouse.


It apparently has to do with the optical sensor on the wheel. Some people have claimed success by physically replacing the sensor.

Also, the G502 is one of those mice that looks like a pile of razor blades. No thanks.


Yeah its visual aesthetic is definitely mountain dew x-treme g@m3rz but it honestly is the nicest mouse I have ever used. Its comfy and has enough buttons in easy reach to be useful without being too much like those billion button MMO mice. I was surprised that the adjustable weight feature is actually a lot less gimmicky than I thought. Being able to adjust the hand feel is a nice comfort feature.


I had an adjustable weight mouse way back in the day. I ended up just putting it at max weight and never changing it.


I put mine at around 2/3 of max and it’s just right.


I’d try to return it, especially since it’s a known problem.