Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Resetting the OS still didn’t fix it. Can I just not play these games anymore?


This might seem like a weird suggestion, but have you tried a clean install of your display drivers? Sometimes a wonky driver can cause problems like this. Also, MSI afterburner can apparently cause some issues like this when it goes wonky, so maybe a clean install of that, if you have it installed?

Also, Exception code: 0xc0000005 is for “Access Denied”.


Yup, you’re done. Time to find a new hobby.


This seems like one of those issues where you need a computer person hit their head against the wall for a while. If this were my computer and it was a true and honest mystery. I’d be running things in every possible manner until I got them running.

Compatibility mode, safe mode, rolled back drivers etc until I got results that pointed me towards the underlying issue. Unfortunately I think I’m actually incapable of doing that without being at the computer.


What is “resetting the OS?” Full format and reinstall?


Yeah full format and reinstall should rule out any software issues.


It’s Windows 10 nonsense.


Live your life in such a way that you can full format and reinstall if it comes to it.


I wouldn’t call it Windows 10 nonsense so much as a “much-improved process to ‘re-install Windows’ without actually having to fully re-install Windows.”

It works very well, and is an excellent troubleshooting tool for situations like this where systemic problems are difficult to diagnose.


When I woke up Windows had an update it wanted to install so hopefully this will have the fix.

EDIT: Yeah that update made my games playable again.

EDIT 2: The framerate is trash now but I assume that’s the problem Rym’s talking about.


I installed a windows update a few days ago and now my games won’t run smoothly. Maybe it’s time for a reset already?


OBS had a problem with a recent Windows update. A later Windows update appears to have fixed it, but a later OBS update also fixed it.


It’s like a race. “Okay, who can fuck up the other guy last?”


What’s my best option for converting FLAC to OGG on Windows?


Audacity? FFMpeg for Windows?


Why would you want to do that?


On Windows or in general? I have some FLACs for some reason and I don’t want them filling up my phone. As far as I can tell OGG is at least comparable to AAC, both of which are objectively better than MP3 at the same size. My only target is my phone but regardless I’ve never encountered a modern device that plays MP3 but not OGG.


I guess I’ll put this here in case anyone has some advice but I think this will be a basic troubleshooting approach. I’m finally at the point where I have two problems with my PC that warrant effort. One is what I thought might be an issue with my drivers and the monitor randomly going black for a couple seconds. However I’m fairly convinced this is actually a problem with the monitor itself. I suspected drivers or a faulty cable but a friend of mine was using the monitor as a screen for his PS4 when we were doing some coop, used a different cable, and the monitor still did the same black screen for a couple seconds. Might be finally time to look at a new monitor.

The second problem is that suddenly my computer has been getting stuck at the BIOS loading screen and requires a hardware reset to recover. Just one will do the trick. I think this has to do with some peripheral conflict, possibly due to my Astro headset. I noticed recently it keeps starting in the “on” position and refuses to turn off. There’s the possibility things could be dusty but I checked not that long ago and little to no dust in the case.


The monitor is probably a power supply thing, I’ve seen similar behavior in TVs with bad capacitors. Potentially fixable but may not be worth the effort.


If it happens without the computer attached, it’s definitely not the computer.

Try unplugging the headset and see if it still happens? Google for your specific motherboard/BIOS to see if anyone else has a problem. You may have to dig deep. If you can’t find anything, If not, then you have to remove/change one piece of hardware or BIOS setting at a time and reboot after each one. If the problem goes away, then you know the last thing you did was the culprit.