Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


The Pi wouldn’t boot. Who knows? I flashed the card again and reinstalled.


When I was replacing the RAM in the crashy HTPC, which totally fixed it by the way, I updated the UEFI/BIOS. Like you do. This seems to have created another “problem”. The computer now sleeps differently than before.

Before BIOS update when I put the computer to sleep the power LED would blink continuously. Also, I could wake the computer from sleep with the wireless USB keyboard.

After update: When putting the computer to sleep, the power LED blinks a few times, but then turns off completely. I haven’t found a way to wake it up other than pressing the power button.

Is the computer shutting down instead of sleeping? No. I checked windows event logs and the computer definitely went to sleep and woke from sleep. It does not POST when I press the power button to wake it up.

Is it because of a BIOS setting related to power management? Could be, but most of the power management settings I am used to are not present in the BIOS/UEFI of this motherboard. I’m used to seeing something that lets’ me choose between S3/4/5 sleep levels and whether wake on USB wake on PS/2 should be enabled/disabled. No such settings exist. I checked.

It’s this motherboard:

To top things off, I want to go to the ASUS forums to get help, but you can’t get in there without an ASUS VIP account. To do that, you need to register a product, which means you need the serial number. The serial number was on the box that I threw away. Maybe it’s under the motherboard, but now I have to pull it out of the HTPC and put it back in just to check for a sticker that may not even be there?

I tried to use the wmic command to get the serial number, no dice. It’s blank. It’s not visible in the BIOS either.


I’m not sitting in front of it to check to be sure but I think CPUZ can pull the serial?


I’ll try that before I pull out the mobo to look under it.

But if cpuz is getting its info from the same place that wmic is, it’s going to be blank.


Dumb question, but did you Run As Admin for wmic?


I honestly don’t remember. Will try again.


You shouldn’t break your computer just because you want to buy a new one.


It’s actually less broken than it was.


Anyone have experience using Gogs?


No, but that looks really good. I say go for it. If it doesn’t work out, I can recommend the GitLab community edition. It’s very nice.


If this is true well, we always have gogs…


Guess it was true.


I’m switching over to CentOS 7 as my main OS. I realized the only reason I’m keeping Windows around is to be able to play games, but I hardly ever play games these days. So dual boot when i need to game now.


Iffn’ ya wanna still game while not having to reboot, there’s a thing I just heard about called a GPU passthrough where you basically run a windows vm that you occasionally (when gaming) give complete control of your video card.

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time now.


I’ll play with it, cause why the fuck not. This is basically how I spend my free time now instead of games, weird computer projects. :rofl:


Iffn’ ya do, lemme know how it goes. That’s been a major reason I’ve not made the switch, I’m not willing to stop playing fallout4, darksouls and the like.


Will do, but it will be a little bit. I’m probably going to start with something linux friendly like Kerbal and work my way up weird VM adaptations. Also I have all my other projects that I’m working on normally instead of gaming. For example, getting a FreeNAS VM direct access to HDs I connect to my ESXi box and setting up a NextCloud.


If a gamer really wants to avoid Windows the best solution is just to game on a console.

Even though PC is master race and Steam is king, there are so many games these days. Even with just one console an adult can find more than enough games to consume every gaming moment of their lives.


That’s honestly why I stepped back from gaming. I was spending all this time and not accomplishing anything. My weird computer projects at least let me work on my professional skill set. I’m also working on my car and trying my hand at basic wood working.


I cut way back on watching Korean TV, and now… I’m playing more video games. LOL.