Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Hire a professional because you don’t want to edit that video. You don’t want to be responsible for the data. You don’t want to deal with lighting conditions. Here’s one for $600 that includes video editing.


Too late for that, it’s this saturday.


There are apps that do this. You can setup a tablet or phone, but it will be a pain. You need a tripod and good lighting and a good backdrop. And you have to accommodate people of different heights. And you have to power it. And you have to make sure it doesn’t run out of storage. And you have to constantly check on it to make sure nobody messed it up. Just one person presses the record button one too many times or just one person forgets to press stop and you’ve got it recording a blank wall. Make sure to get an app that is one press and then does a recording with a time limit.

If they don’t hire a professional, then they’re going to have to accept that it might suck, fail, or not happen at all. It’s not fair to make a guest handle this sort of thing. Would they ask you to help out the caterer and bus some tables also? No.


This is a very low budget affair, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m conscripted to cook or bus tables.

I share your sentiment, but this is what I’m working with. We actually wanted to get the video service you linked, but that was veto’d initially on cost and now it’s just too late. I’m trying to make the best of this now last minute task that has been dumped on me.


Easier idea. Just make an email address. Tell everyone to record videos with their own damn phones and send them to the email address.


That is not a terrible idea.


Do you automatically install updates on your servers? Why or why not?


If you are getting them from trusted distro repositories, then yes.

What is riskier?

You turn on auto updates and the official Ubuntu security apt repository somehow will screw you over and put out a patch that breaks your application?

You turn off auto updates and now you have a security vulnerability on your server that gets exploited?

If you really have a concern, and you are super serious, you can always put in an insurance mechanism. Have one server update first. Run a bunch of tests against that server. If it works, then trigger updates for all other servers.


Something with node or ng or something got released into production that was pretty bad recently and their reaction was “well don’t update production so fast” more or less…

Best case is obviously having a test environment… but if you’re paying that much attention…

In my case I pretty much let ubuntu update what it wants to, but I run the new production and development releases for a bunch of stuff ahead of ubuntu.


That’s because the whole node/npm ecosystem is complete trash.


Why do you say that? (I wanna have ammo against my coworkers who swear by it)


Just look online See how many stories there are about npm completely shitting the bed. Compare that to apt, which is as about as reliable as it gets. Even PyPi hasn’t fucked up since they setup a CDN years ago.

Does anyone else have a page like this in their official docs?


Don’t even try with an app. Set up a camcorder on a tripod. Trick someone into manning it the entire wedding (taking shifts or whatever). Record each video right then and there. Edit in Premiere (or some other video editor). Get a free trial of Premiere if you want.

That is the simplest option that has any chance of success I think.

We did something like that with photos only for Burning Con. It worked great.


Problem one, I don’t have a camera that can take decent video. Mother-in-law might though.

Problem two, I really don’t actually want to be responsible for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

On Scott’s suggestion for making everyone shoot their own, we found this service.


Anyone used pi-hole? How do you like it?


Update: installing unattended-upgrades broke my PiHole. :man_shrugging:


unattended upgrades has some issues.

The biggest problem I had with it is


What’s the alternative? cron apt update && apt upgrade?


What I do is allow the unattended upgrades only for security updates since those are unlikely to break anything. I do non-security updates by hand so I will be there to fix any breakages.

If the bug I linked is not fixed, then you want to do an apt autoremove in a cron to clear out those old kernel headers.


What broke?

Not using pi-hole, but I’m a happy Debian/Raspbian user of unattended-upgrades.