I don’t drink coffee.

Though I did used to be a barista.

Divulge at will your coffee related anecdotes.

This poster which I found when explaining the difference between espresso beverages for newbs is still my go-to 5 years later.

I learned how to make a fair bit of these as a soda jerk at a really famous old-timey Ice Cream shop in Philadelphia that had an espresso machine for the random person who wanted it in the winter and one sundae that had a shot of espresso poured over it.

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Moka pot coffee is the best coffee.

Modern Times (known for their beer) has expanded into coffee.
They make a cold brew that’s aged in used bourbon barrels, but contains no alcohol.

If you like coffee with a strong taste, this is a good pick.


Also, everything they make, beverage and food wise, is vegan.


That’s cool to know!

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