I don’t drink coffee.

Though I did used to be a barista.

Divulge at will your coffee related anecdotes.

This poster which I found when explaining the difference between espresso beverages for newbs is still my go-to 5 years later.

I learned how to make a fair bit of these as a soda jerk at a really famous old-timey Ice Cream shop in Philadelphia that had an espresso machine for the random person who wanted it in the winter and one sundae that had a shot of espresso poured over it.


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Moka pot coffee is the best coffee.

Modern Times (known for their beer) has expanded into coffee.
They make a cold brew that’s aged in used bourbon barrels, but contains no alcohol.

If you like coffee with a strong taste, this is a good pick.


Also, everything they make, beverage and food wise, is vegan.


That’s cool to know!

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This is either a complete misunderstanding of whatever paper they read or complete lies. There is no world where four to five cups a day is “moderate” coffee drinking

I think there’s a dangling modifier there. The last sentence is slightly disconnected from the first. It’s not saying that five cups is moderate, just that moderate drinkers have reduced suicide.

This is the correct reading. There are 3 completely separate claims here.

  1. 4-5 80z cups = reduced death rate.
  2. 3-5 cups = 15% less likely to die from all causes compared to 0 coffee
  3. moderate drinking = 50% reduced suicide risk

Still not going to drink it.



I’ll just leave that typo in place.

80 oz? That’s it? What is this, amateur hour?


Americans have a ridiculous idea of what a “cup” of coffee is compared to the rest of the world.

I have 2-3 actual cups of coffee per day, plus a little more caffeine from other sources (tea, redbull, energy gels). It’s mostly a positive influence on my life.

a coffee cup is actually measured at 6oz because reasons

I thought it was 4 oz, brewed with 5 oz of water?

Back at the office and there are many in house coffee options provided, but seriously thinking about bringing in my chemex and hand crank burr grinder to make a shareable pot with my direct coworkers and friendly work mates. The goal isn’t mass coffee, but hey would you like a cup of this great local roast, etc.

There is hot water in cisterns I’ll probably use at first but does anyone have experience using electric kettles for pour-overs/chemex coffee making and can recommend one?

I’m a big fan of Japanese water boilers. If you can leave them plugged in, once they get the water hot they are very efficient at keeping it hot.


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