The women’s world championship is happening right now. 3 decisive games in the first 8! Compare with the men, who drew 12 out of 12 last time.

This one in particular was a wild game.


Sitting at Union Square right now, waiting for some people to start playing Chess.

Gonna try and win against one of those folks? Ya get a good game outta it but also generally a good way to lose $5. There’s surely some cheating but mostly they’re just really good at chess.

I’d love to, but I’m terrible at chess. And also on another continent.

Certainly not. I’m a weak enough player I can still play against a free app.

Don’t feel bad, free app is better than any human ever.

I miss the ones that used to hang out in Harvard Square.


I think a lot of games would benefit from adding a chess clock. Crank up the time pressure. Now time is a resource you need to manage. Also people screw up under duress.

Another bonus, games that were killed by full calculation paralysis are more fun again!

I assume the guys talk about chess clocks in Take Your Fucking Turn?