Butter: Belongs on the counter or in the fridge?

Also margarine is for soulless heathens.

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This question relies entirely on your geographic region. Back in Florida leaving butter out was a sure way to return to half your counter wet with oil and entirely new cultures of fauna harvesting the rewards.

Also, I belong to the Olive Oil Master Race, so your bitter butter based culture is inferior by design. I only purchase butter when I bake, as olive oil can’t do sweet.

I know this is a joke thread, but I’m actually genuinely curious as to everyone’s choice on fatty/oil cooking materials.


Is butter worthy of the counter if it requires owning a butter dish or similar necessary container?

Ugh. It makes me mad (not really, for the literalists out there), butter is too hard from the fridge and too soft on the counter (and like Peti says, it turns into oily mold food). So I use coconut oil for baking, and olive oil for bread. I pretty much only have butter when I eat out.

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How small is your counter top that you can’t make space for a stick of butter? And a decent container shouldn’t set you back more than a couple of dollars.

Butter crock is the one true path.


Are we having some contest for most mundane thread topic?


My theory: the forum popped like a cork after months of pressure from the dominance of the trumpnazi threads.

Also, there’s merit to be found in discussing the mundane. There is a lot of nuance and regional/cultural differences to everyday things that is brought to light when talked about on an Internet platform like this. Example: this thread made me want to try using coconut oil for baking where before it was never in my thoughts.


Specifically, the French butter dish is the answer. The water used to form an airtight seal also provides some cooling, keeping the butter firm but spreadable.

Speaking of which, I need to refill mine.


I will have to investigate this device. Looked like it functions similarly to how I keep my medical ointment solid in the summer, actually.

Also absurd forum is best forum

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Best answer is to have a small fridge just for butter so it always the perfect texture.



If you have a wine fridge, keep it in the red compartment.

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Why is josh lyman watching the erotic butter pitch?

I’m not sure why folks are having issues with their butter being too soft or getting moldy. My butter stays in a covered dish on the counter and stays solid but spreadable and I have never in my life seen it get mold. Might be because I keep my home pretty cool year round.

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Yeah, I don’t use AC and rarely heat.

I pull the butter out of the fridge if I want it soft for something delicate—pancakes, waffles, biscuits…

Don’t discount the value of butter in a savoury service. I find it the best fat for starting any soups as it gives that rich flavour and creamy mouth feel.

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Since we generally only use butter for cooking, it’s in the fridge. If we need to spread it, then it gets pulled out to soften up. I am not opposed to leaving it out, but we just don’t use it that way so we don’t.


I used to have a french butter dish and they do work well. We don’t use butter at the table often enough to warrant getting another one and anything on the table left unattended is subject to cat licks. Fridge butter is easier to quickly measure, which is handy for cooking.