Buy bikes now.

I’m thinking of replacing my almost ten year old Trek hybrid commuter with this for more comfortable and stylish commuting.


Hmmm, on second thought maybe not. Although the bike looks like what I want, reports on the Internet say how their bikes are inexpensive because they are chintzy and fragile.



Sevilla removed 5,000 on-street parking places to build out an entire city network of bike paths, and did it so quickly so they had a success to tout for the next election:

“We got rid of nearly 5,000 parking spots for cars in the whole city,” Calvo said. “I can give you this figure now. For a while it was secret.”

“The media would ask us,” he recalled, smiling. “I’d say ‘Oh, we didn’t calculate that.’”

“The whole network is €32 million,” he says. That’s how many kilometers of highway — maybe five or six? It’s not expensive infrastructure. … We have a metro line that the cost was €800 million. It serves 44,000 trips every day. With bikes, we’re serving 70,000 trips every day.”


New backup plan. Moving to Sevilla, becoming a barber.