Dude can do it without hands, you can do it too!


Bike stolen. Booo!


It’s murdering time.



Sunday: bike stolen. Wednesday: insurance sorted. Thursday: new bike!

If the bike looks familiar, it’s because I bought the exact same bike as I did in 2010, except the 2017 model. That’s how much I loved my bike!


Ah, a nice new GLANT!


How to educate adults who should know better; scare the shit out of them and show them their own face.

Not directly related to bikes, but idiots on the road are always a concern. There should be more things like this when idiots are detected idioting.


Our bikes got stolen out of our garage a while ago and it’s been long enough that I’m giving up on them being recovered. I haven’t been bike shopping in a long time so I’m looking for some suggestions. We ride on a mix of terrain but mostly pavement, usually just trying to get around town. I don’t have a tight budget but don’t want to spend twice as much for marginally better either.


How to choose a bike:

  1. Get a bike you like. If you don’t like it, you won’t ride it.
  2. Get a bike that is a perfect fit. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t ride it.
  3. Get a bike you can afford. If you can’t afford it, you won’t buy it, and won’t ride it.
  4. Get a bike that is reliable and safe with functioning brakes. If it isn’t safe, you will get injured or dead. Then you won’t be able to ride your bike anymore.
  5. Get at least some gears. Even in a very flat place they are still useful and just better than not having them.
  6. Don’t buy a stolen bike, asshole.
  7. Don’t buy the cheap crap bike from the sporting goods section of the big chain store. Even though they work, they are often improperly and unsafely assembled. Make sure your bike is assembled by a trusted bike mechanic if you can’t do it yourself.

The type of bike you get doesn’t really matter that much. You can ride a road bike offroad, even though it will suck. You can ride a mountain bike on the beach. You can ride a beach cruiser up steep hills. You can ride a fat bike on the city streets. They will all get you from point A to point B. Unlike cars, every bicycle on earth has the same exact engine, your legs. The rules above are non-negotiable, but it’s probably a good idea to get a going around town on pavement bike if you are going around town.

Any bike that looks like this:

or this

Will be fine. Every major bike brand has bikes along these lines. Brand doesn’t matter, so you’ll end up getting whatever brand your bike shop happens to sell.


I’ve also been fixing up my bike and getting the new bike comments :relaxed:


I have one of these, though I really should have just made my own. It’s just one piece of plastic that’s folded well.



“…the asymmetrical characteristic of stringdrive increases the usable gear during the power portion of the pedal stroke between the 1 and 5 o’clock positions of the crank.”


I was convinced/urged by a friend to sign up for the B-SIG. I guess that means from March 3 - May 5 I am biking every single Saturday other than PAX East. I guess I could drop out, but they seem to take this pretty seriously.


Just one study trying to determine which helmets are safest. They seem to think that the MIPS isn’t BS, and actually protects you.


If you wanted to know about disc brake systems, specifically Shimano’s products, someone posted TMI on Reddit.


Been biking to work again on my Priority Classic.

Pros: I like the style, although the tires have faded in color a bit (probably need to replace them). The internal gears and belt drive are awesome for low maintenance commuting.
Cons: Only three gears, the seat is a bit wide for my preference, and the frame encourages a more relaxed posture. Back peddle brakes :confused:

The new L Train actually looks like a good upgrade! I’m seriously considering it, but need to look at some other bikes as well.


You don’t need to replace bicycle tires until they are looking really bad. Like, all the rubber is gone, you can see the next layer exposed, constant flats, etc.


Maybe you don’t, but the rest of us do it when the wear indicators are worn out.


I mean, you can replace them every day if you want, but you’re just wasting money.

Also, doesn’t matter what direction you install the tires, even when they have arrows on them. You’ll never noice if they’re on backwards, and it won’t matter.

What you should do is rotate tires. Swap the front and back every few thousand miles or whatever. This way they wear evenly, and need to be replaced at the same time.