The way it “should” have went down:

  • Yelich (runner on 2nd) gets caught between bases. It’s only a matter of time now, so try and stall as long as you can. This buys time for:
  • Cain (runner on 1st) immediately takes off for second. He can stay on 1st and watch his friend get tagged out, or get to 2nd and watch his friend get tagged out.
  • Now both runners are on second. Fielders tag whoever they want. One out, one runner on 2nd.

I’m sure the Cub saw another Brewer at 2nd, and thought he would get a tag out on one of them standing on the bag. Notice he still has the ball in his glove. Rule in a pickle is always get it out of your glove - it doesn’t do any good in there.

The Cubs screwed up having the 1st baseman leave the bag, which would have kept Cain honest. Cain noticed, caused enough confusion to let Yelich get back safely, and ran back to 1st with nobody covering.


Please, please, please MLB, please.


That was incredible!

I’d love to know the context behind the pitch/incident though.


Our local Mets fan @Apreche, pls.


That has to be the best miked up I’ve ever heard.

I understand why they don’t, but imagine the “announcers” for a football game being coach, QB, and Romo in the booth.


Only know this because a lot of Flyers people I follow posted that clip on twitter today: The guy at the plate is Chase Utley. In the 2015 playoffs Utley had a play that resulted in a broken leg for Mets infielder Rubén Tejada, and the Mets generally hate Utley’s guts from his time with their rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies. The clip is from his first at bat against the Mets in 2016, and the Mets pitcher throws at Utley and gets subsequently ejected. To top it off, Utley hit a solo and a grand slam homer that game.

Edit Utley against the Mets according to this article in 2016: 33 home runs, 113 RBIs and a .283 average.


I went to look up the story behind this, and it does seem more interesting than just dudes screaming at each other.


Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I remember that incident in the Division Series. I hadn’t realized the clip was so old. Thanks for the context.

Great article! Thanks!


By complete chance, I already have tickets to this game. We bought tickets to it because it was fireworks night and we wanted to go to the stadium once this year, even if it’s a meaningless game and they suck.

EDIT: Ok, I got the full info. He is being activated on the 25th. He could play in any game from then to the end of the year. Like, he could pinch hit or something at the end of the final game or what not. That said, he has only been confirmed to start at 3B in one game. The game we are going to on the 29th with the fireworks. Bought the tickets like a month ago. What a coincidence.



I recently fell into a deep hole of YouTube sports videos. Despite baseball season being over, and me not even following baseball at all, videos about the weird shit that constantly happens in Baseball are kind of fun. And boy to I have one here: