In a sport that has lots of statistics, apparently people have been raising concerns about the performance of the baseball. But this is nothing new in this game, just the latest controversy about the ball. The minute details of the materials and construction of the baseball that are blamed for changes in its behavior make it seem an impossible ask to expect there to be no changes over time.

If you are a fan of Baseball but thought it should be much more appealing to fans. Boy howdy have I got the team for you. The Savannah Bananas is a minor league team that turns your traditional baseball game into an event you can not take your eyes off of. This is NOT for the die hard baseball fan, but those who want to see a baseball game with the sole purpose of entertaining the fans.

Banana Ball Rules:

  1. Every Inning Counts
  2. Two Hour Time Limit
  3. No Stepping Out
  4. No Bunting
  5. No Mound Visits
  6. Walks are Sprints
  7. If a Fan Catches a Foul Ball it’s an Out
  8. Batters Can Steal First
  9. One on One Showdown Tiebreaker

I’m almost certain we talked about this on the show at some point.

It has been discussed on this forum a number of times already for sure. I’m guessing in the “Fix a Sport” thread.

Ah I did not catch that, my bad I just found out about them

It’s still a really cool thing. The world could use a lot more games, of all varieties, that are specifically constructed to prioritize the spectator above all other parties involved.

Years ago, possibly on old forum I linked a like, maybe minor leagues or college game where a coach went nuts and threw a bunch of bats onto the field or something. Well the As and the Mariners went to a fight and a baseball game broke out.

Jomboy has been doing some really good stuff, particularly recently.

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