Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


I think that old Sands of Time run from a few years back had a soft-lock that required restarting the game, in addition to a few crashes.


Even if not technically a softlock, runs do bomb sometimes. Metal Gear Solid 3 last night went off the rails and the runner had to reload from a save.

I actually think he could have saved it during the The End fight. Was it still possible to save and do the system-clock-one-week trick?


The awful games block this year has been fantastic.


This guy doing the bloodbourne run is really good at talking about bloodbourne while speedrunning bloodbourne


That was fun run to watch, even if mistakes, bad luck and deaths happened.


The randomizer race is now live and they put on a clinic. I expect randomizer to get a huge boom because of it.


It was an incredible randomizer. Definitely one of the more wild seeds I have seen.


This was my favourite speedrun from AGDQ I’ve seen so far. And it’s just 10 minutes!

I liked the Resident Evil and Half Life 2 chapter runs. I checked out a few others but didn’t get into them. Are there any other runs from this year that are must-see viewing?


DKC Reverse boss order
Enviro-Bear 2000 relay (and the rest of the awful block, really)
Umihara Kawase
Densha de D
Punch Out!! + Super Punch Out!! (2 Games, 1 Controller)
A Link to the Past Randomizer


Dragon Warrior with RNG manipulation.


Beautiful. I knew some very minor sort of versions of this as a kid (move so many spaces out of the first town then stop moving then move to avoid an immediate encounter) and so on.


I am just loving these new old school speedrunners are now being found out to of cheated. The update of the story laying out the things which would have to be true for Billy to not have faked his high score is amazing.


Sometimes YouTube knows us too well and recommends the perfect video for me and Juliane to watch while eating breakfast:


This is a great channel that explains several games’ World Record Histories: