Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


A Link to the Past Randomizer is my shit. Hopefully when they bring back Super Metroid they do Randomizer for that too.


Right? I’m definitely watching that one.


My favorites tend to be the races, and there are some good ones this time around.


Blindfolded speedrun of Symphony of the Night.


For those who want to see the best/worst type of randomizer seed, I present this.


Now that we’re in the frigid abyss of Daylight Wasting Time I’m jonesing for more Games Done Quick.


Thanks to those Zelda Randomizer videos I’ve started playing a few rounds of them. They really are crazy fun. Has anyone tried the new Keysanity mode? I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it’s pretty interesting. I like how some dungeons have become more important. For instance, you would normally only do Hyrule Castle if you absolutely had to because it has 2 chests, both only having keys. Now those chests could hold ANYTHING. Now its not such a bad idea to jump in and grab those two chests when you can.


I just realized I want to see Monaco Done Quick. Has there ever been a 4P game run?


AGDQ is coming soon, here is the semifinals for the Fall Open Mode Randomizer for ALttP. Warning: its one of the best races I have seen thus far.


Oh mans, I just had the idea for a block. Salty Games Done Quick. Shaker Classic, original style. Think of the donation incentives.


Metroid Prime 3 speedrun (uses glitches).


AGDQ starts today.


Stream is live. Get HYPE


Dynamite Headdy did not disappoint.

Also, has anyone ever seen a soft lock on A/SGDQ? It feels like speedrunners are constantly talking about ways in which they can happen, but I’ve never seen one during a run.


“The run’s over” at 13m32s.


That’s not a soft lock, though. The game is still working, they just lost their glitch.


I remember one that went like this. Guy is playing playing playing. All of a sudden he he sees that the turnip is red or something. This means that the run can’t complete, because when he does a thing a few levels from now the door won’t open and he can’t win so they just end the run right there. If you really want maybe I can go find it in the archive. MAYBE. That’s a pain of digging through archives right there.


Ok, I’m just saying it seems like it is talked about very frequently, but happens very rarely.


My guess is that they talk about it a lot because it happens a lot… wait for it… in the course of normal speedrunning. What we see at agdq is not normal speedrunning. It’s safe speedrunning. These guys want to show off their speed run techniques at agdq, not set records so they go with the techniques least likely to do the uninteresting soft locks.

I’m sure you go to the average speed runner’s stream. You’ll see quite a few soft locks.


Sometimes they’ll talk about how “there’s a frame-perfect trick we could do here, but it’s not safe” or “there’s a faster way to get through here, but it has an x% chance of a soft lock.”