Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


Not really, I’ve got a sister who wasn’t much into video games, and any time I went to a friends house I was infinitely more interested in playing their games rather than watching them play them.

This is a completely fair point I’d not considered.


Esa marathon schedule has been released.

Edit: Oh another really good charity marathon did an update video too


The legend of Choco Mountain

Also, get ready for SGDQ a month from now.


Dudebro, your video is fucked up so I got to stream/cast you: it’s sped-up run time.

Edit: Now it’s good.


Suprise! New GDQ event this year.


Pokemon Yellow/Red
Any% Glitchless 2 Games 1 Controller

Daddy 2 game!


2G1C??? What has this world come to?

What next? One person controlling an entire Counter-Strike team with 5K and 5M and winning?



The best non gdq marathon is starting in a few hours,check a look.


Sgdq starts today at 1 pm EDT


Runs to watch once online:
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse race
Pikman 3
Dustforce DX


As great as the runs are, I could do without the interviews. Many of the runners are so uncomfortable on camera when they’re not playing a game.


Super Metroid up next! It’s early this time.

Edit: it’s live.


I’m new to GDQ and was wondering why they keep saying “kill all animals.”


It is GDQ tradition to do a metroid run near the end of the event, it’s something people often look forward to, a sort of finale-like thing. At the end of the run there’s optional imprisoned animals you can save. Doing so costs like a second of stopping to do so. They do donation incentives and compete to see which they should do.


Sounds like you need to play Super Metroid.


Here’s an explanation. You can find video on youtube of their one-pixel escape.


I really do. There’s a lot I need to catch up on.


That was a great and terrible SMB3 run.


To make up for it watch the Cuphead run instead.