Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


There is another stream for the ESA “B” runs



Doesn’t Super Hexagon always take 6 minutes to beat no matter what?


There is a 2 vs 2 Link to The Past Randomizer Tourney going on - the 3rd rounds onward are open Seeds. It is very interesting how teamwork and splitting the work changes the strategy and tactics a lot.


Interest Check: Would you participate in or support an online GDQ marathon this weekend for Hurricane Harvey? (Charity TBD, looking @ local)

Keep an eye out for an impromptu GDQ this weekend.


It appears the Tetris scene is going to have their big event later this month.


What version of Tetris is this? I don’t see any Grand Masters with Terror Instinct.


This is classic Tetris championship, terror i stint is a different event.


Why do they even still have a competition for baby mode?


Jumped the shark.


I mean it had a good run missing one event isn’t going to be the end of the world.


I was getting bored with it, and I hope another race becomes the epic finale that lasts years and years.


My prediction: the epic race will be ALTtP Randomizer since that has been the hot game of 2017.


I would not bet against that.


For those not in the know there are 2 tournaments spanning 8 twitch channels for the new Zelda races, this one was insane.


New schedule is out, plan your viewing schedule.


That schedule looks ace!

I’m into the NES games in particular.


Pros: Feelin’ the kingdom hearts and MGS3 runs.

Cons: No starcraft of any kind, no portal of any kind, no Raelcun or Zernicus runs.



I’m bored with Portal runs. I want to see weird old NES games with commentary on what’s wrong with them by expert runners.

Also, that BOTW one should be fun.


No Super Metroid but…

F-Zero GX
Dynamite Headdy !!!
Holy Diver
Wario 4
Densha de D: Lightning Stage