Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


Hypest Run So Far: Miner Ultra Adventures.


Best run I have seen (many to catch up on):


Watching SGDQ2018 videos while bored at work and at home while sorting through stuff and fixing up Lego to put up on Willhaben (austrian Craigslist) in advance of my move. Watched this run and at first didn’t know what had happened at about 20 minutes. Article explains a bit more. Good sportsmanship here.


Keep watching.  


I skipped the Ocarina of Time run because they’re always having them. It’s way cooler than I expected!


Bonus GDQ has their schedule live

Edit: this is the final round of selection not the final list.


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
NES any% 1 player 2 controllers

There’s two of these listed. One pee two see race?


GDQ Express (aka bonus GDQ at Twitch con) schedule is live.



Every time they add more and more unbelievable runs. 2P1C 2G - Super Metroid + Link to the Past coop randomizer.


AGDQ 2019 schedule is up.

  • Super Metroid Reverse Boss Order
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 any% 1 player 2 controllers
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Low% 1-Hit K.O.
  • TASBot plays mari0 (SMB1 + Portal gun)

Sounds crazy, as usual.


Turns out, unfortunately, that popular Speedrunners and speedrunning community figures RWhiteGoose and Graviton29 are Nazi trash. (AGDQ has already removed Graviton from the upcoming schedule, he was previously on for doom 64 at 4PM on one of the days, so that part of the thread is now inaccurate.)

RWhiteGoose has pinned an apology to his twitter, repudiating those views, apologizing for them, as well as saying that he understands and accepts GDQ’s decision in the matter. Graviton, on the other hand, is bragging about how getting banned from GDQ has got him more followers than going to GDQ ever did. Though saying shit like that, I think we should want to see some action on Goose’s part before we consider giving him anything more than a very hard fuck right off.

Edit- Also, the exchanges in the linked tweet are not in the far-off distant past, they’re from this July. Another reason for Goose to fuck off, he’s basically claiming he did a full about-face from being a 100% white supremacist, mysoginistic, transphobic, conspiracy theory-beleiving shitbag to being all sweetness and light in about five months, telling nobody, and nobody noticing. Extremely doubtful.


Sigh, I don’t like trash in the things I like.

Also not to be a pedant… Actually no, for the explicit purposes of being a pedant. Based on my reading of the linked screenshots, they’re mysoginists, transphobic, anti progress, and a few other things. I don’t think they’re actually anti jewish people though. At least not from what has been linked.

Nazi is fine as a shorthand but pedantically I think it’s better to call them what they are. Mysoginist, transphobic, anti-progress trash (with Nazi as a useful shorthand because that’s a mouthful).


There is one post that’s explicitly anti-jewish so that definition of Nazi fits the bill.


May have missed it, not gonna read again, I concede the point on that alone. Nazi is fine even from a pedantic perspective.


Good. GDQ got rid of them as expected and is appropriate. Also, glad it’s not any of the runners that I know. That would be quite disappointing.


How did I not see this on the schedule?

The Messenger 8-Bit% strizer86 0:40:00

Definitely watching some messages.


They’re running.


Mario Kart DS - snaking the whole time, every course.


Had that on in the background while working, remember giggling about how the runners and the couch and even a few donations all mentioned how overtime it wore down the d-pad and their adventures trying to replace them and breaking their DSes in the process.


So I got a special thanks to spot in a RUSH video.

I am not quite sure why but on the leaderboard for the WR.