Apple Day

September 19th.

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It’s slightly larger than the iPhone 7, but has more screen real estate than the 7 Plus.

Also I missed that it has surface charging? I WANT IT.

Well, it looks like a good phone but it doesn’t have a pen built in and it has those ears. I wish they’d hide the speaker in the bezel vs the little protrusion they went with.

Glad I went with the new Note.

… a pen built in?

A touch capable stylus with more to it than being a really narrow pointy finger. Apple has their Pencil stylus, it costs extra and doesn’t store on the device. If they built it in like the Note does with the S-pen, they could compete pretty directly with Samsung’s flagship.

The Apple Pencil only works with the iPad and I think the demographic for people who want to use a stylus with their phone is very small. I think there was a reason no one kept up the Blackberry approach.

$10 a month for Apple watch LTE on a US carrier.

Think I’m going to keep my iPhone 7 and get the cheapest iWatch with LTE. It’s going to be great to go biking, or to the beach, or the pool, or down to the grocery store, without a phone. Also great not having to deal with the slowly working less-good Pebble Time. RIP Pebble.

Also, I honestly am hoping the heart-monitoring related functionality is as good as they say. Heart disease is probably the thing most statistically likely to kill me. If it isn’t bullshit, then it has the chance to greatly extend my life, which is well worth the $10 a month. Imagine a future where the watch calls 911 on its own with GPS if I have a heart failure, even if I’m all alone in the woods.

Still sad the watch isn’t any thinner. With LTE its actually thicker. Hopefully in 3-4 years the iWatch will get thin.

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Will get the Apple watch with LTE if I can stream music other than Apple Music.

There’s no way it’s not going to work with Spotify, right? Right?

Maybe I should wait for confirmation.

Then again, I don’t plan to buy wireless headphones, so maybe it’s moot for now?

I did a search and the first article that popped up said there is no Spotify app for the Apple Watch and there might not be for the 3rd gen. One of the reasons I switched over to Apple Music was because my car has CarPlay and the Spotify app for that is garbage. The Music integration was much better. Also with the use of my still functioning edu email I got it for $5/mo.

I have an Apple Music subscription mainly because I got (in total) six months free due to buying some Beats headphones. It’s great! The Apple TV is our default music player at home now, piping music through the surround system. We really enjoy the different “radio” streams.

I don’t listen to music so much on my iPhone while out and about, but it’s super nice to be able to look up pretty much any track and listen if it comes to mind. I certainly store way fewer music tracks on my iphone synched from iTunes on my macbook.

I also used my free Apple Music subscription, but I didn’t keep paying for it afterwards. It was really good, just not Spotify good. Also, because I have YouTube Red, which means I get Google Play as well. Apple Music would be pretty redundant. Spotify covers my streaming needs. Google Play covers my “upload all my mp3s to the cloud” needs. I used to use Amazon for that, but I stopped paying because Google Play replaced it.

For me to get Apple Music, it has to be a situation where I can replace Spotify with it, and I get wireless Headphones. Maybe I’ll consider it when my etymotics die.

Ironically, thanks to the lightning headphone adapter, the jack on my current etymotics has been lasting longer than ever. It isn’t straining against the body of the phone anymore, so it’s still doing just fine despite spending so much time in my pocket.

The one deficiency that Spotify has that Google Play and Apple Music don’t have is the uploading of music. I was paying for it as a service from Apple for some paltry sum like $14 a year but if you have Apple Music you get that service for free. That was another reason I forgot I’d switched as well.

Google Play and Amazon both do the uploading. Spotify is the only one that does not. I just said I use Google for the uploading and Spotify for the streaming.

It would be nice if I could use Apple to get the streaming and the uploading in one place, and not pay for anything else. The thing is, I’m not going to stop paying for YouTube Red, so Google play costs me 0. And while the Apple streaming selection is probably good enough, the Spotify library is unbeatable right now.

I am confident that the Apple Watch music will add other services down the road. That’s always how these things go.

So what does an apple watch do other than stream music that I want LTE for? This is clearly aimed at runners.

Yeah, definitely aim for the casual runner. The price is at the lower end when comparing it to what the hardcore runners, swimmers, and cyclists use.

Uh make phone calls with no phone. See text messages with no phone. Etc.

Seriously? Why would I want that?

The progress of phones went like this:

  • Handsets attached by curly cords to dialer bases.
  • Handsets with buttons on, still connected via curly cord to the wall.
  • Cordless phone handsets with a base station for charging.
  • Mobile phones for making calls and text messages.
  • Smart phones for internet access.

Currently I use BeatsX earbuds with the W1 chip for super easy switching between devices. The forward step in my quality of life is INCREDIBLE!!!

Last week I had an issue with the bluetooth headphones and had to go back to wired headphones again for a few hours. It felt BARBARIC to have to worry about the headphone wires getting tangled in stuff, having to route the wires through my clothes. And worse, I had to have my phone in a specific pocket again, and carry it around the house with me. When I juggled, I had to have it in my pocket again, something I’ve not needed to do while training for the last 8 or 9 months or so. These days my phone can be anywhere in the house, or charging, and my mobility isn’t effected at all.

And when I was in bed and wanting to switch from my laptop to my phone and then to my ipad, I had to unplug and plug the wire into all three devices in turn… rather than just swiping up and selecting “Luke’s BeatsX” or selecting from the dropdown menu. Software switching of audio to my ears is sooo smooth with the W1 chip and Apple devices.

Compared to the progress of phones, it was like going from a cordless phone back to a wired phone. It was so jarring I couldn’t believe I’d been fiddling with wires since I started listening to MP3 players back in 2004 or whenever.

Putting this into perspective, the progress of headphone plus device listening is something like:

  • Earphones attached by chords to plugged in devices.
  • Earphones attached by chords to portable devices that need to be carried in pockets.
  • Cordless earphones unconnected to portable devices that need to be carried in pockets.
  • Cordless earphones unconnected a device that doesn’t need to be carried in a pocket.

That last step is what I already get when at home, but not when I’m out and about. With my BeatsX and my Series 3 Apple Watch I’ll have all the benefits that I get at home, but not have to ever worry about my phone being left at home while I bike or run or juggle or go out for the night.

For example, I’d love to head off a cruise ship, leave my phone in my cabin, go to the beach, swim, hang out, listen to music and podcasts or whatever, get notifications and text messages, chat to my girlfriend on the phone, and then be back on the ship. Never have to worry about leaving my iPhone on the beach while I’m swimming? Sign me up!

2002 Rym said “tabs in browsers, why would you want that?”
2004 Rym said “camera in phone, why would you want that?”
2007 came and people said “smart phone without a keyboard and stylus, why would you want that?”

The entire point of the smart watch is that you can avoid taking the phone out of your pocket. If it has LTE you don’t even need to take the phone out of your apartment. The convenience factor is way way way up.

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