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Watched the first episode of Maid Dragon. It’s about a dragon looking Smaug that ends up working as a maid with huge boobs for a computer programmer alcoholic woman. Show is a comedy obviously. The humor ranges from odd. Dragon girl serving up her tail as dinner. To pervy office woman strip dragon girl naked. Looks like this going to be a harem comedy also because first episode ends with another dragon girl being introduced.
[/quote]I’ve read the manga, and I’m not sure you’d call it that.


Touru is the only one who actually has any vaguely romantic feelings for her, the rest are just friendly with her.


Yeah, this anime is on my list.


I’ll give the dragon maid show a chance.

I feel like I’m obligated to.


It’s dumb, but it’s that kinda easy-going, fun sort of dumb that leads to comedy, rather than frustration.


It’s a nice change of pace in that Maid Dragon didn’t go with the typical generic milquetoast teenage boy as it’s lead.


It’s dumb fun and slightly uncomfortable designs. The real highlight is getting snapshots of cutesy dragons doing silly things.


The Fuuka anime seems to be really good. Would be nice if I could watch it but I read the manga.


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The Fuuka anime seems to be really good. Would be nice if I could watch it but I read the manga.
[/quote]You have to admire how despite the criticism, Seo just keeps on trucking.


Yerh man does it well though. Say what you will that dude had me in tears.


Yeah, despite all the WTF twists, I’m still reading it. It’s not a bad comic.


I had to take a break for a bit as I had over loaded on the shojo stuff. Getting back into it as reading practice.


Started watching Idol Incidents.
I get the feel of AB0048, and that is a good thing.
Idol Incident Trailer
I will look forward for the next episode.

I agree with Scott, Yowapeda’s first episode was slow. Here is to hoping the next episodes’ pacing is better.


Surprisingly, Interviews with Monster Girls seems to be pretty good. It’s much less creepy than Monster Musume [NSFW] and several scenes are both cute and clever. I really liked the Dullahan picking an outfit.


It does have the best rendition of a succubus to date. Although nothing very interesting is happening yet.


Interviews with Monster Girls seems to be one of those “slice of life” things, some light humor and characters just hanging around.


It’s 100% SoL. Don’t expect much more plot than minor interpersonal conflicts.


Flying Witch was SoL but that was exciting.


That sounds like 100% my jam. I fucking LOVE light humor, just hanging around shows.


I don’t think “exciting” is quite the right word for most of Flying Witch, although it was definitely engrossing.

I looked through stuff to watch this season and there doesn’t seem to be much of note, apart from Little Witch Academia. I found a couple of things from Winter 2016 I hadn’t watched that seem to be good though; did anyone here watch ERASED or Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū?


It is, Flying Witch is right up your alley.