Anime Music Playlist


My fave Yuki Kaijura song:


Sorry not sorry to interrupt Kaijura-san with soemthing completely different:

I have jammed to this OP on repeat.


It’s not amazing or anything, but it’s a C O M F Y opener for a C O M F Y anime.


I’m going bring it back a bit to Kajiura-san’s realm by featuring a ridiculous opener for a really shitty anime, which is their specialty.


Gonna have to say that the Poptepepic opener is a pretty good jam.



My favorite version of Komm Susser Tod.



For some reason I can’t get bored of this song.


Geobreeders was one of the first manga and anime I owned way back in the day, I always loved this song.



Totally obsessed with this Theme before we saw the mediocre anime attached to it :-p


This opening is literally the only song I could sing in Japanese, I listened to it so much in the year of 1999…


Not sure if this goes here or the random music thread…


I’m afraid to play that.


It actually weirdly works.


The theme that plays in my head when I feel a grave injustice.


Is it just playing non-stop nowadays?


Playeth on loop


The Beck anime might be shit compared to the manga (which will forever be one of my favorites), but at least it left us with a good soundtrack. This one below is also fantastic, and features one of the few scenes in the anime greatly captures the vibe of the manga. It’s weird saying this considering music concerts are so video-centric, but the manga just lets you fill in the detail so perfectly, you end up making it your own.