Anime Music Playlist



I forgot to post the most important song in anime.


Started rewatching Nodame Cantabille and I had forgotten about its fantastic opening theme.
Also, the opening sequence is directed by Ikuhara.

Talking about Opening sequences by Ikuhara, the opening for Aoi Hana is also up there with songs I like. Altough it literally takes direct sequences from the Utena Opening sequence.

edit: sequence sequence sequence sequence sequence sequence, just making sure the semantic satiation kicks in.



Let’s get some appreciation for anime/rap mashups. For years I’ve held this up as the gold standard:

But I also like the rarer example of anime lyrics over rap beats:




I can’t believe I forgot this one:






Rewatching the Patlabor OVA. One of the all-time great openings.

EDIT: Also one of the all-time greatest anime.


Nothing’s impossible.



The Ultra Relax has been so aggressively removed from YouTube I began to think I was hallucinating a memory. Nope! The very special eva parody version is preserved on Vimeo.

Better audio quality on Soundcloud:

I was also able to find the original avi file preserved on my NAS!



The best anime battle music I’ve ever listened to - not sure if a ton of people ever watched Mai-Hime (it was popular in yuri circles), but Yuki Kajiura is something else.


As good as she is, Yuki Kajiura’s music all sounds the same. Having said that, Canta Per Me > Mezame.


See also: Two Mix and Meat Loaf.


I think that’s how most musical artists work (also I like the way her stuff sounds). I’m glad she keeps doing what she does, I can’t find her weird mix of opera-guitar many places.

Also, Canta Per Me is great, I watched all of Noir because she did the music for it.