AMV Thread


Old ass AMV thread:


Not strictly an AMV in the classic sense, but close enough for something this well done:

This AMV is fucking beast, though:


Some great stuff in here, I’ve always been partial to this one.

Edit: Unfortunate thumbnail is unfortunate.


Damn Churba, beat me to it.


[quote=“Pegu, post:5, topic:838, full:true”]
Damn Churba, beat me to it.
[/quote]Have to get up earlier than that to beat me, mate, I live in the fucking future.


Old classics:

I know all the lyrics to this song, and have sung it at karaoke.

This might be the greatest AMV ever made. It didn’t win any audience prizes, but the judge gave it a special judge’s choice award:

Possibly my favorite AMV of all time:

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This long predates youtube and I loved it in highschool.


Speaking of long predates YouTube:


One of my super faves. Always brings me back to how much I loved watching this show. Probably time for a rewatch sometime soon.

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Thanks to Churba for the rec on this one.

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Not exactly an AMV, but close enough.