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Where? Not here in NY it isn’t.

California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota

As dumb as the broader issue is, it is at least more consistent with their crackpot (unsubstantiated) belief that the voting system cannot be trusted since the results of the 2020 Presidential vote. It doesn’t make sense to say the votes for Trump were wrongly tabulated but all other votes, including for Republicans, were correct. As much as faith in elections is a super serious and sensitive principle that is not to be treated lightly, Republicans have made this bed so it is a good example of them being allowed to reap the results of their stupidity so all can at least see the effects of their recklessness. It is only unfortunate that their beliefs and actions will severely negatively affect large swaths of people/voters, but their rhetoric has been doing so already so let’s not minimize what they have done already.

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An easy way to find who won in each state’s primaries.

Just sharing this well articulated Twitter thread for reference, if needed in the future on the topic of the viability of 3rd parties in the United States.

Take away message:

Starting at the beginning, where the author quickly gets to the practical point:

In case anyone wants to argue “but what about in local, smaller, elections?”:

Maybe there is some arcane sequence of Senate rules that would make this a bad idea, but assuming that there are not any unintended consequences the Senate should immediately take up debate on this bill and possibly even hold a vote. It shouldn’t pass (unless Democrats have some wild defections) and it certainly won’t pass the current House. But it will shine light on what the Republicans would specifically like to do in regards to national abortion law if they were in power. Make them own their shitty policy proposals beyond rhetoric and going on Fox to talk about how moral they are compared to the other party.

The Presidential Election Reform Act, sponsored by Cheney and fellow House Jan. 6 committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren, ensures that Congress receives an electoral certificate from each state that accurately reflects the will of the voters, requires Congress to count electoral votes as the Constitution stipulates, and reaffirms that the vice president's role in approving electoral votes is merely ministerial

The bill passed 229-203.

Check out a few people NOT to vote for on the next ballot.


Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic Party.
Good riddance.

The libertarians are already trying to scoop her up.

So is this where the Georgia democrats judo flip and dispute anyone with a “no step on sake” or MAGA sign in their yard/bumper sticker?

A helpful guide for getting through election day.