Adventure Time

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Season 8 begins this week on Cartoon Network!

Monday: Two Swords (7:30), Do No Harm (7:45)
Tuesday: Wheels (7:45)
Wednesday: High Strangeness (7:45)
Thursday: Horse and Ball (7:45)
Friday: Jelly Beans Have Power (7:45)

Also, the second mini-series, Islands, premieres all next week at 7:30!

Production has wrapped.

If Zap2It is to be believed, new episodes start again on April 21, and another miniseries, “Elements” begins April 24.

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The next episode is up early.

A week of new episodes on July 17.

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A full hour of new episodes on September 17 at 7PM.

Another full hour of new episodes on December 17 at 7PM.

Will someone besides me PLEASE post in this thread?

I need to catch up, which at this point I think I’m going to wait for the finale. Probably not the only one.

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The four episodes that are meant to premiere next week are up early on the app.

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Next four episodes premiere March 18 at 7PM.

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Only five episodes remain of this series.

CN has released the teaser for the final episodes, coming soon.

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Let me know when the last one is out and I’ll go back and clean house.


Five episodes isn’t a lot of time to resolve the thematic arc of Finn.

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While we’re waiting for the finale, a special Minecraft-themed episode will premiere in the interim on July 20.

There are also Funko Pops coming.


After the finale airs, Adventure Time will have (at least) one more season in comic form.

What a ride it’s been.

The first 47 seconds of this is still my favorite Adventure: