Adventure Time


CN will have an all-day marathon in preparation for the finale.

You know, after being horribly neglected the past year with minimal schedule time and practically no advertising, I’m glad they’re giving the show some much-needed respect.


Today marks the end of an age. The finale airs tonight at 6PM, with an encore following immediately after, as well as several more encores throughout the week.

To celebrate, CN added a special video to their YouTube channel featuring the best character in the show.

Enjoy today’s marathon, get caught up if you haven’t yet, and say goodbye to one of the greatest cartoons that defined the 2010s.


That was good. 


That was an excellent ending. It wrapped all of the complex themes of the show into exactly what the last episode needed to be.

I admit I choked up when the song started playing during the final scene.


I too was glad they went back to music. What an Adventure.


Rebecca Sugar is a master in songcraft. I knew it would break my heart when it was announced she was returning to do music for the finale and she delivered.


When this episode was airing live on television, CN showed viewers a real treat with their bumpers by cramming as much lore as they could before the commercial breaks started. It was so cool to watch.

This video is for the full day marathon, but I included the time code with the finale portion, so just click and enjoy the facts.



The season 11 comics from KaBOOM! release today.

Check out a free preview.


I’m kinda weary about time travel shenanigans, but the preview pages that I saw were nice. I guess it’s to separate it from the rest of the series so it stands more on its own.