Abortion Rights are Human Rights

Statement by the President on today’s egregious decision from our illegitimate Supreme Court.


Slight changes for the better here in Germany today :confused:

Weird timing.


Posting to the forums is mostly preaching to the choir, however I feel that the reason it’s extremely easy to be pessimistic and nihilistic because the threat consistently uses violence in all forms where as the large majority of those who oppose these “conservatives” do not. For any number of reasons.

This basic fact is why it’s so easy to be defeated in the long run.

Logically, we know that if “both sides” actually wanted to solve the same societal problems, we would not be here and there would be more consensus on more issues.

The problem has always been, what do you do when “50%” of the country uses violence against you at every turn, because they’re fundamentally anti-human. How do you stay organised when there’s no clear leadership to keep everyone on the same objective.

It’s a mess.

IMO: violence has always been the answer to violence.

But no rational person wants to go to war, for obvious reasons. The consequence of playing by the rules in the face of violence is chaos, anxiety, trauma, death. The bigots thrive on it because their objectives are clear and simple. Do harm. Keep doing harm, until there’s no more opposition.

The solution, in my mind, used to be to: organise, communicate, educate.

Now I feel it’s more like: target the direct threats, declaw and defang.

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That story is deeply suspicious.


New York is moving forward with protecting abortion it the state constitution.

Our governor has also today openly called for the end of the Senate Filibuster to encode abortion rights into national law.

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As a lawyer, I really appreciate the legal creativity of this argument:

" A pregnant Texas woman said her unborn baby should count as a second passenger in her vehicle after she received a ticket, citing Texas’ penal code in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s being overturned.

Brandy Bottone, 32, of Plano, was pulled over June 29 after she drove in an HOV lane, or high-occupancy vehicle land, NBC-Dallas Fort Worth reported. Bottone was stopped by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, which was looking for drivers violating the HOV lane rules.

The HOV lane requires drivers to have at least one passenger in their cars when they use the lane.

When a sheriff’s deputy told Bottone about the rule, she said she did, in fact, have a second occupant in her car — her unborn baby."

Other novel legal arguments that I can think of just off the top of my head:

If a pregnant woman is incarcerated, does that violate the due process rights of her fetus?

If a pregnant woman is flying internationally, does the fetus need a passport?

What about when you’re filing your taxes? What are the implications if you’re pregnant?

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Abortion laws have gotten so bad that hospitals are now refusing to deliver babies.