Zenkaikon 2018

I k ow only 6 if us are going to this but wanted to share an article that will help plan for places to eat food.


Yea some of that food looks REALLY good :-p

In retrospect, it might have been worth it to make Zenkaikon’s theme Star Wars this year.

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I fought for that, but we had just done a space theme.

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Looks like my roommates bailed again so if anyone wants a spot at very close to zenkaikon let me know.

Looking forward to this con.

Update: fiancee and daughter will be attending at least one day, zomg you can finally meet them in person.


I’ll be there as staff again. Getting in late Thursday, leaving Monday.

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I roll in Friday evening, out Sunday afternoon. I too am looking forward to this con. It’s always a good time.

I forget what panels I’m doing… =P

I know my awesome con and pax panels will be ran again with the bonus of nerd music

Any requests? Going to be assembling the bag tomorrow.


Wrong thread my bad.

Photos from the con