Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general

I think BOTW perfectly balanced main quest vs side quest time, in terms of time commitments.

If you just play the main quests, it’s anime movie adjacent. It terms of pace. A lot happens in a short time frame but covers a lot of area.

Where as signing up to side quests will take you absolutely into every nook and cranny, because engaging in side quests leads you to be side tracked by any number of activities.

Learning how to sail? Rock climb? Find gems? tame a horse?

You will get side tracked in so many enjoyable spontaneous ways the time investment pays off.

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Nahre has finally heard the fans.

There’s a lot going on. 1 month to go! Really excited for this one. Bring on the mech fights!

LMAO. This game has been pretty fun so far. Still very much like BotW, just a lot more to do.

BotW is a very chill time in comparison.


They saw what people did as “endgame” activities and low-key made a game with primary mechanics about those activities.

Making Weird Machines.


This was also my take. Nintendo saw people using the BotW abilities to build flying machines, do ridiculous stuff by hitting rocks, etc. What was maybe at least somewhat a happy side effect became the official primary focus, much like the rocket jump.

Is it possible to build something… computational?

You mean like a calculator?

Maybe like:

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Game of the decade, lmao

Instagram reel

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We’re baaack :wink:

Starting around 5:30pm ET today. The unplanned hiatus is over.

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I’ve already played too many hours of this game. This game…

Show up in the Zora domain. “Oh hey Link! We made a statue of you and your best friend”

“No he’s not here right now, also he’s engaged to someone you’ve never met”

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I’ve got to say this may be the Zelda I’ll be 100%'ing or at least try completing. I’ve ordered the guide for the game as well.