Zachtronics and Opus Magnum solutions

Exapunks is available as early access. Anyone tried it yet?

I bought the deluxe but haven’t opened it yet. Because I also bought Shenzen I/O deluxe and haven’t started it yet. Damn I gotta get on that.

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I want to like Zachtronic games in but I’ve given up on Space Chem multiple times when the puzzle solutions get too tedious to construct. Will I have any better luck with Opus Magnum?

This isn’t exactly a zachtronics game, but it’s close.

I am suitably intrigued. Thank you for the suggestion!

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I forgot about Exapunks. Gotta play that one still.

No one mentioned

Not Zahctronics, but Zach-like.

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Zachtronics Advance Wars???

Mobius Front '83 is out now.

Let us know how it goes.

yep was definitely gonna post here about it when I read about it yesterday (been away from the forum for a few weeks). Super interested myself.

It is difficult. Also, it is much more a puzzle game than a turn based strategy game.

There’s no money. You get points of units deployed in phases, that’s it. The enemy also only has X units. The AI opponent is very predictable and deterministic. Your goal is to capture a series of special hexes in order. To capture all you have to do is have a unit stand in the hex.

The core of the game revolves around infantry. They can move one space or shoot range 1. If they are in the woods, they can only be shot by adjacent units. They have anti-tank rockets that can mess vehicles up big time. So you don’t want your tank to end its turn next to infantry. Other units have different rules and limitations, but the game so far largely revolves around that infantry dynamic.

Come watch me play it on the GeekNights Discord.

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With all this free time I went back and played TIS-100. I maybe didn’t get the highest scores among my Steam friends, but I’m pretty proud of the solutions I had for rectangle drawing and index lookup. I love how in this game you start some of the puzzles and they seem so impossible given the extreme limitations of the CPU architecture provided to you. Then somehow your solution actually works and it’s extremely satisfying. Also, some of them, like index lookup, are just really fun to watch execute.

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This Mobius Front game looks cool, reminds me of an idea I’ve had kicking around, but being turn-based kindof isn’t my jam so it’d take some getting used to.

That said it looks pretty neat, may have to DL

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