Your favorite [GJ]IFs


I see your dynamic papercraft and raise with FIRE-driven dynamic papercraft.


is…it… mas… OMG




Ever have hot wind constantly blow in your face? It’s a unique feeling. Kind of like living with a hair dryer.
It’s also a weird/unique experience to jump into a pool fully clothed and be bone dry within the hour.


heh I have a co-worker traveling by winnebego through death valley right now, should send.


Tell them to bring wax paper and cookie dough; leave a tiny ball on a tin sheet or car hood for an hour.

That, and they should keep their phones as cool as possible.


It may be too late for them, they sent me a goofy selfie of them pulling out of the parking lot and smiling and have been dead silent ever since. I presume them dead.


Guess who made the front page of reddit:


Definitely a white people gif.


Did it actually occur in Portland?



Never read the comments. Especially not on some random raddit.






I usually point it out to an employee at the gym. That prompts them to go over to the person and give them use and safety tips on the machine. No gym wants to deal with an insurance claim for someone hurting themselves by misusing the equipment.





Dusty Rhodes would have been so excited to see that!