X-Wing Minis

So to celebrate the last hurrah of X-Wing 1.0, I participated in a team epic tournament. 400 points, 200 per player, 3 Epic points minimum per side (Which means an Imperial Raider or Rebel Corvette, or 2 Transports)

My teammate handled the fighters, while I commanded a Rebel Corvette. Supporting the Corvette was Esuge in a K-wing and Roark in a HWK-290. My Teammate had a couple of T-70 Xwings, 2 normal X-Wings, 2 A-Wings, and a Y-Wing.

The tournament was 2, 3 hour, rounds, our team had a bye in the first round. Our opponent in the next round had 2 Raiders (Both fairly stripped down), Kylo Ren, Quickdraw, Maarek Steele in a Tie Defender, The Inquisitor, and a couple of a TIE Strikers.

We ended up winning largely because we managed to Destroy one of the Raiders, Disabled the other Raider, and destroy most of the fighters except Kylo, while only losing a T-70 and a regular X-wing.

Definitely like playing Epic, it changes a lot up from normal X-Wing.

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Even though I think the X-Wing miniature game is cool, I just could never get into it. I think it has to do with the fact that, generally speaking, I am super bored and uninterested in death-match type games, whether it’s tabletop or PC.

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve always been interested in the fan made Heroes of the Aturi Cluster co-operative campagin:


Have you ever tried that? I’d be curious how it was, and you wouldn’t have to upgrade your minis to X-Wing 2.0.

I’m familiar with Aturi Cluster, but never found a group to run it with, though I love the idea.

I’m sort of looking forward to 2.0 myself, because it imports certain ideas to older ships that didn’t have the benefit of later innovations. I do hope X-Wing 2.0 offers something more that straight 100pt dogfighting. Casual X-wing, was a little too much training for the next local tournament.

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I doubt I’ll get into X-Wing 2.0, but if FFG could somehow incorporate an actual campaign, or at least a real mission based objective system, instead of just generic dog fighting, that would go a long way to getting me interested in it.

Each of the Larger Minis and boxed sets, (Falcon, Ghost, Epic Ships) generally had alternative scenarios. Trouble is, they really didn’t have any support outside of “just for fun”.

Armada and Legion seem to have objectives beyond "Kill the other dudes in the time allotted.

I was at the European Championships last weekend. I didn’t do spectacularly well, but I had an amusing day and it left me an extra day free to enjoy the UK Games Expo on the Sunday.

I’m very much looking forward to 2.0, but we’ve got the store championship season and Nationals to get out of the way before September yet.

There’s a community driven objective format that one of my local shops tried out recently, it was a good laugh. http://nationaltabletopgaming.org/tournament-resources but that sort of thing is the exception rather than the rule. (Thought it might be of interest.)