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Sarcasm 2: Electric Haikuloo

A monk needs the spear desperately
A wizard taught reluctantly
School and student he scorned
They both got to the horns
And still it ends WHAT DO YOU SEE

I think I’ve posted this before but it’s my best Halloween poem.

The Spider’s Shadow

Weary from work I entered my room
Trying to remember my fiancé’s perfume
As hard as it is working all hours away
My creaky, lumpy bed inclined me to lay

When upon the ceiling I see a spider crawling
It’s movements, unnatural and as such enthralling
It wasn’t right how it’s legs stretched and bent
Blinking and bleary I watched where it went

Although plenty of movement it wasn’t really going
It seemed static but somehow shrinking and growing
My mind couldn’t tell me of what it observed
I made no sense how it wriggled and curved

I asked the strange spider, “what are you really?”
“It makes no sense moving your movements so freely”
The spider it crawled and I safely concluded
A shadow it was, it’s true form denuded

With relief I sighed, no nature amiss
Safe in reality feeling contentment and bliss
But in my understanding I had to dig deeper
I couldn’t resist meeting and addressing this creeper

I looked to the light from which the shadow must come
And I looked to the shadow unfeeling and numb
The spider must be there between the two points
But nothing was present, just shadows of joints

I blinked again further I must be mistaken
It’s not anything like that terrible Raven!
The deeper I looked I couldn’t see my tormentor
Shadowy limbs through eyes through lamenter

I leapt to my feet to combat my fright
And flicked off the switch to extinguish the light
Now darkness is a place; comfortable and small
But the spider’s shadow expanded and enveloped it all

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