World Cup 2019

Holy Cow! The US WNT just obliterated Thailand 13-0!

13?!?!?! When I check the score before it was only 6 goals.

They broke the previous record of 11 goals.

“Some facts: The 13-0 scoreline is the largest one ever, surpassing the previous record of 11-0 set by Germany against Argentina in 2007; the U.S. scored 10 goals just in the second half, also a tournament record; Alex Morgan scored five goals herself, the joint-highest figure for a single World Cup match.”

That’s how you win a tie breaker.

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Their tears are delicious


What’s with the tea drinking celebrations and all the drama? Twitter is getting me mad. Why people are making it such a big issue.

"And so the athletes compete, on the pitch, in the courts, sometimes beyond public consciousness. Right now the women’s soccer team has the spotlight. Sometimes it is Serena Williams or Maya Moore or Aly Raisman. The U.S. women’s hockey team won a gold medal during the 2018 Winter Olympics while proclaiming its desire to be treated better. WNBA players have similar demands. All female athletes demand greater protection from predatory doctors.

This is their time. With every bold act, with every display of strength, with every exhibition of excellence, the intensity of a new movement increases."