is really hard. You have to guess the word, but you don’t get letter hints. You get hints about how close in meaning your guess is to the secret word.

Like, if the secret word is PHILOSOPHICAL, close ones might be ABSTRACT or THEORETICAL.

You get unlimited guesses. It’s really hard.


Guess the country based on the shape. Wrong guesses will display how distant you are from the correct country and the direction you need to go.

I like to play Octordle, which is Wordle with 8 words, but you get more attempts: https://octordle.com/

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You weren’t fucking kidding. I got today’s in 85 guesses. What a wild ride.

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I like Globle - another Guess the Country game, where your guess gets colored differently on a map the closer you get to the target country.


Feels related.

You got today’s Heardle within 1 second.


Just found out about Redactle. ~All of a wiki page is redacted, you fill in words by guessing until you get the article title.

Semantle feels like fishing around randomly and then listing synonyms, this you can actually use the article and sentence structure to make some educated guesses. I think I like this one more: