Why Twitter Can't Monetize

I think cohost keeps hidden for privacy reason. Finding people in cohost is definitely hard. Best ways are connecting to people you know elsewhere, looking through tags and stumbing on people who post-good, or reblogs, but first you have to find someone who reblogs good stuff through methods 1 or 2.

Also on more generally on the topic, Cohost is definitely not a twitter replacement, or alternative. Form wise it more closely resembles tumblr, but it’s not really that ether.

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It’s getting worse and fash real fast.

Twitter is indeed suing Media Matters for talking about nazi tweets. It’s a clear SLAPP case at least, but it’ll be costly to defend against.

The Republican Texas AG is now opening a government investigation into Media Matters for “fraud.”

Paxton said his office would investigate allegations that Media Matters — which he referred to as a “radical anti-free speech organization” — had violated Texas laws protecting consumers from fraud.

And he boosting violent “pizzagate” nonsense now.


Looks like aside from being a shitty case from the regular person’s perspective, it’s also a shitty case from a legal perspective.

(Skyview version for folks who aren’t on bluesky)

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