What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


$277,260 from the Indiegogo. It’s also worth noting the dude lives in Austin and has a public criminal record of harassment, stalking, and assault. Right now he’s trying to form a new conservative Youtube anti-comics group with Ethan Van Sciver (who did illustrations in Jordan Peterson’s book) and John Malin, a marvel freelancer who had a twitter meltdown saying “Nazis were SJWs” (Details found here: https://www.thedailybeast.com/comicsgate-how-an-anti-diversity-harassment-campaign-in-comics-got-uglyand-profitable)

Also, don’t be surprised that Antarctic Press we’re willing to support this at first. I think they are desperate for any type of publicity comics; after all they published that “My Hero Magademia” one-shot.


This name keeps coming up over and over in these types of stories.


Ethan Van Scrier has a history for his shitty behavior in the comics industry: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/02/02/ethan-van-sciver-dc-comics/

The Jordan Peterson thing is just icing on the cake. Shitty reactionaries flock together.


More than you want to know about him (was my introduction to the guy)


It blows my mind how many people make a dick ton of money of twitch, patron and all that stuff for barely more than hooting like an enraged monkey.


Ok, so what if I hoot like enrage monkey. Only the stuff I hoot is takedowns of these other enraged monkeys and how awful they are, can I get $200K?


You gotta get an audience. They are out there thirsty for counterpoints as we’ve discussed. I don’t think you are one to be intimidated by enraged monkeys (since that’s usually what people are worried about) but I don’t think you’d want to sacrifice your time and possible career to making clickbaity assaults for more money.



I’m amazed my favorite… content guy… Alfabusa only pulls like 3k/month from his work.


No, I don’t want to do that. But my only desire, that I can not achieve, is to maintain my current lifestyle without having to give up such an insane amount of my time to doing things I do not want to do. I will welcome almost any reasonable way that I can get the same, or more, money in less than 40 hours per week.


Get that Patreon up to our top goal and we both do GN full time. :wink:


YouTube money comes from the wallets of companies buying ads that get blocked, plus some YouTube Red money.

Kickstarter money comes from people honestly buying a product that I would deliver.

Patreon money is just regressive taxation where people with less money than Rym give him money in return for something we do for free anyway. They receive nothing of actual value. Also, it looks like some people have wised up. Although they foolishly waste their time watching us on YouTube, the Patreon moneys have gone down over time.


question: what happens if you hit 50% of your patreon goal?


Let’s say a hypothetical left-leaning millionaire demands and pays for Geeknights content. How much control would you give to him/her to make your money? That’s a shortcut for what Scott’s wanting.


No matter what someone pays I won’t lie. I won’t do anything I feel is immoral. I will always provide near-maximum transparency as to what is going on. I won’t move away from NYC. Also I demand to work less.

So for example, if they want to dictate that I must review a particular game, that’s fine. I will review that game with 100% honesty. I will also tell all the listeners that we were paid to do that review. I will tell you who paid. I will tell you how much they paid.


No joke, if I become astoundingly rich somehow, after making some investments to ensure my own stable future, my plan is to invest pretty much the rest of it after that into friend’s projects, so they can also live stable lives doing things they enjoy. What’s the point of wealth if you can’t lift up others around you?


I have similar ambitions. Gotta pump those project funds somehow. Then your friends you invest in are soon doing the same with their other friends.


Oh boy, I just read the New York Times profile on Jordan B. Peterson. Of course his fans are already saying that the NYTimes is out to get him, but I don’t see any spin there whatsoever. This guy is a blathering fucking idiot, and so are apparently his fans. One of them is quoted as such:

“Whenever I listen to him, it’s like he’s telling me something I already knew,” Mr. Logan says. “Learning is remembering.”

And the guy honestly thinks this is a good thing.

Peterson isn’t a philosopher or teacher. The guy is a priest, preaching a sermon full of horseshit.



“There are now regular Jordan Peterson discussion groups. The one in Toronto meets once a week at a restaurant called Hemingway’s and is run by Chris Shepherd, who used to be a professional pickup artist who coached men on how to get laid fast at a club but is now a dating coach.”

This is a really amazing profile.


Looks like James Portnow of Extra Credits has done some pretty awful things to former staff. It may explain some of the exodus going on.