What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?



Other than pro games or serious speedruns, I don’t ever watch streamers…


I’ll admit, I watch people I’m friendly with as more of a social thing, than for the games. I can watch games basically anywhere on youtube - but I can’t hang out, chat, and watch games with friends on some rando’s youtube channel.


I’ll watch people I have some sort of connection to (Will, you, Dave and Gratz, etc.), but I’m never on Twitch going “Hey, who should I watch today?”


Things I watch on Twitch:
Impact Wrestling
Salty Bet
Bob Ross
Mr. Rogers
Overwatch League(though I lost a lot of interest with the continuing scandals)
NBA G-League
Dan Olson
friends’ occasional streams


Liked for Dan and Hbomb.

Only thing I watch on twitch is occasionally a stream by LoadingReadyRun, in particular their tabletop gaming streams, their comedy skit writing/filming/editing streams, and sometimes their deep-focus game analysis streams.


As a note from seeing some link in the video topics thread… James Portnow’s best decision was having someone else do the voice for his words and putting a cartoon up there instead of him. He’s got that like… anti-charisma thing going on where everything he says sounds like he’s trying to set you up for some multi-level-marketing thing.


I’d never heard of those Chapo guys before but as coincidence would have it, they guest starred on my current favorite podcast “Talking Simpsons” this week. I thought they were terrible guest hosts. They were bland, uninteresting, talked all over each other, and basically just ruined the flow of what is generally a fun, light hearted podcast. I was left wondering how on earth does the Chapo show get so much money from Patreon. After hearing them once I wouldn’t listen to them for free, never mind pay to hear them.


I would also like to understand how they’re so well funded. I listened to ~2 episodes to see what all the hype was about and I found it terribly bland and boring.


Easy - Never underestimate the profitability of telling people whatever they want to hear. Well, that, and their audience skews ENORMOUSLY towards straight white American men between 18-30 - which doesn’t explain profitability, but explains how they have such a large audience to draw from when convincing people to throw cash in the hat despite being awful to anyone who isn’t in that category. And when you know where they’re coming from, the appeal to that group kinda makes sense.


Exactly. Again, the lack of reactionary leftists without any major platform will make people want to spend a lot of money on any alternative. People like Hbomberguy and Contrapoints have a fraction of the audience from the reactionary alt-right Youtubers but they make as much money on Patreon because they have the only ones. I was astounded Chapo had that kind of audience at all but even then they have this strange level of clout that gets them celebrities (actual actors or quasi-political wise)


A story in multiple parts

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Have no idea where this is going but at least the story is well edited.


Have you ever seen the Jerry Springer show? Or Jersey Shore? Or any trash tv?

This is just YouTubes version of ‘reality tv’ or whatever.

My 60s something mom watches YouTube pretty much the same way she watched E! And daytime TV. My YouTube is basically the history channel stuff I used to watch (before ancient aliens). YouTube is the a different platform for the same entertainment you always watched.


So, it turns out that over 250 YouTubers are being sponsored by a shady online product that promotes academic dishonesty.


Academics needs to fundamentally change how it evaluates student performance. As long as they stick with tests and papers, things like this can never go away.


I haven’t seen those types of ads on the YouTube videos I watch, but I see tons of ads for Grammarly.

Obviously, an editing tool is far different from plagiarism, but I agree with you that academics need to figure out a better way to evaluate student performance.


RIT’s lab practicals in IT were one hell of a fix for that.

Basically, you had normal tests, coding projects, etc… in a class. But you also had two lab practicals. These were binary pass/fail events. If you failed either lab practical, you failed the class regardless of any other factor.

They required you to complete a very small project designed to demonstrate basic competency. You had no access to the Internet of any sort. These were baby’s first projects. Like, in the first freshman VB6 class, it was "make a form with two buttons that each call a different function. One returns a thing to display, and the other one changes the thing. Trivial coding.

Anyone who couldn’t pass it was clearly cheating in some fashion in the rest of the class.

A LOT of people failed them…


Man, if you want to see what “outrage culture” is, those are the fucking shows to remember. I get pissed off when nurses have my great aunt watch that shit that just exists for them to get mad about these staged situations. And 90% of the time they are directly dismissing and playing into stereotypes about black people.


I guess this goes here. Richard Meyer is a comic book author who also does YouTube videos where he shits on comic storylines with a progressive bend under the name “Diversity&Comics”. He recently crowdfunded a comic and which was picked up by Antarctica Press. However, a lot of comic fans and several shops have spoken out and said they would not buy/stock that comic, to which Meyer responded rather badly including posting addresses of such shops and pictures of their employees on his twitter, which lead to Antarctica dropping the book. At least one shop has been harassed in person. It also didn’t help that Meyer posted an idiotic rant where he called other, established people in the comic book industry “fags” and “pedophiles” by name to celebrate the success of his kickstarter campaign.

Summary by a redditor:

Yeah, the level of cognitive dissonance is amazing. In the middle of this indiegogo, he does a youtube video where he calls comic book creators horrible things. Calling some people pedophiles, calling a gay man a “fag,” insulting this and insulting that and just being horrible and reprehensible for no reason. Then he’s shocked when a close knit industry that’s built on interpersonal relations rejects him. Source: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/05/13/no-enemy-but-peace-richard-meyer/
What’s even more fucked up is what this all really is.
-The guy tried to make a comic before he did this youtube crap and he failed. It didn’t sell and he barely made any money on his indiegogo.
-So, instead of focusing on growing his craft, he just made a youtube channel to shit on the people who managed to succeed and make good comics.
-Then, when he realized he was big enough, he launches an indiegogo and makes a lot of money for another idea he has.
-So, thinking he “won against all the people who were against him”, he goes out and just insults them all again.
-When some people aren’t buying, he goes and posts the store names, employees, addresses, and their pictures on twitter.
-Then he’s surprised when his publisher drops them.
It’s all so pathetic. He bitches about how X and Y “were given a job/success for free because Z” when he’s literally that: he failed and got success by courting right-wing reactionary comic fans to give him money for, and I hate using this term, virtue signaling, something he claims others do all the time.
It’s just all so stunning in its absurdity.


How much money did he get? Was it enough for my rent? If so, how do I make the same move only obviously without the douchebaggery?