What TV Shows Are You Watching?

I think Morgan’s writing on Altered Carbon is a bit better than in Market Forces (its a more layered setting rather than just intensified corporate dystopia with death derby “jousts”) and would encourage you to read the book as its better than the netflix show. That said its definitely got a bit of grindhouse patina in the depictions of violence and sexual violence, but it doesn’t have the cyberpunk orientalism the show just sleepwalks into.

I appreciate the synopsis but I don’t think that book is ever getting to the top of my queue ^_~

We’re working our way through all of Star Trek. Right now we’re double-fisting Picard and Strange New Worlds. Both in their third season.

Bluey is a must watch for any parent. But it’s so good, I can only assume anyone would enjoy it.

It’s just so damn good.


My wife and I will often watch it even without our son around. I’ve seen it described as a parenting show that kids will love too and it’s really accurate. But I agree, even without kids it’s hilarious and the super short run times make it an easy watch.