What movies would you recommend?

So, every once in a while I peruse through the 100 best movies in IMDB or the Criterion Collection at Barnes and Noble to find something old but that would be refreshing.

I have two movies that I would like to recommend, “Charade”, with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. An excellent thriller for its time, and even bold because unlike most movies of its time, this one decided to be less on the dark, and gritty, and more of the light and campy.

If you are looking for a romantic comedy, look no further and watch “It Happen One Night”, I think this one is the be romantic comedy period ever, they had it right the first time.

Do you guys have any cool classics to recommend?

The key words you are using are cool classics so I am going to lean to things you can easily spot on AMC or TCM.

First choice is the Bad Seed, a movie about a little girl who has a darker side to her.

Next is to Kill a Mockingbird, because god damn that court room scene gets me every time.

Ben Hur is also amazing including the fact NO STUNT PEOPLE DID THE CHARIOT RACE SCENE

Dr. Zhivago is a really interesting take on the Russian communist films of the time

White Christmas because Bing Crosby and Christmas has a soft spot due to family things

The longest day is a really good WW2 movie

Network is a movie that is “too real” given the political climate we are in now

That is a good short list from the top of my head for now.

My mom watched a lot of TCM when I was growing up, so as far as “cool classic movies” that held my attention as a child but still hold up as an adult:

Rear Window: Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart at their very best (in my opinion)

The Great Escape: A fun action/adventure movie with just about every famous male actor of the time

Cool Hand Luke: Paul Newman on a chain gang being super charming

Flight of the Phoenix (1965): More Jimmy Stewart goodness, but in the desert with an airplane

Marx Brothers: Can’t really go wrong with any Marx Brothers (except for A Day at the Races, which does have a blackface scene), but Duck Soup is usually considered their best.