Welcome to the GeekNights Forum!

Welcome to the Ivory tower of nerddom. This is the GeekNights forum, home of the Front Row Crew (FRC).

You may be a fan of GeekNights, a friend of a fan, a friend of the FRC itself, or some hobo who wandered in. All are welcome, so long as you follow our very simple rules.

  • Be mindful of your grammar and spelling
  • Post intelligently
  • Don’t be annoying
  • Don’t harass anyone

This is actually version two of the forum. A clean slate. The massive archive of the original forum’s decade-long run (2005-2016) is kept forever in stasis for you to enjoy.

If you feel that you must bring a thread from the old forum into the new one, we ask that you include a few things in your first post:

  • Link to the original thread
  • Quote of the first and last post of the original thread

This will help us keep continuity with the old archive and our surprisingly vibrant little community.

See the FAQ for full info!

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